Ning Guo

​Hi, I’m Ning, a 21-year-old Chinese student studying Master’s Programme Sustainable Energy Systems at Chalmers. I got my bachelor degree in Thermal and Power Engineering from Huazhong Univeristy of Science and Technology, China.

I am trying my best to keep up a Chinese stereotype. I am short and tiny. I play badminton. I cook authentic delicious Chinese food. I will have a very red face even if I have only drunk a little alcohol I make my new year’s resolution to be a straight-A student and good at math.

I also get caught by the Swedishness. I go to IKEA and eat meatballs. I drink coffee in the class break. I visit Systemsbolaget on Fridays. I do not talk to strangers unless they talk to me first. I go to the gym three times a week instead four times a year when I was in China. I would be extremely happy in the sunny summer and get a little depressed in the long dark winter.

I chose Chalmers because....

I planned to find Vikings here to teach me how to drink, instead they teach me Sustainable Energy Systems and how to drink coffee in Fika. I guess I cannot say I am too disappointed since they are good and professional and offers fair enough scholarships.

What I think so far?

Chalmers is the place if you want to have hands-on abilities while studying. Besides lectures, one course often contains lab projects, study visits, etc. In this way, students can actually have a good sense of feeling how theory knowledge applies to reality.

Chalmers also have the best parties in Gothenburg. You will be amazed in the kick-off party for new students where almost 2000 people are having a great time together. In fact, there is a student committee whose main job responsibility is to throw the best parties in Chalmers. Chalmerists study hard and also party hard.

My future plans?

On the top of my To-do list is to acquire Swedish as soon as possible. Even though almost everyone here can speak very good English, it is still extremely important to learn the local language if one really wants to fit into the culture, have really close Swedish friends and grasp every potential opportunity in a foreign land. I am also trying to have a Gothenburg accent while learning Swedish. If I can speak fluent Gothenburg Swedish, I may also have a better shot finding the love of my life here. Besides learning Swedish, I will try to find a summer internship in my study area before June. Last but not least, I will try go to the gym like a Swede and drink like a Viking.

The blog readers shouldn't expect much from me!

Well, basically not too much since not so many people can speak Chinese. Wuwei, aka Donna, and I are the Chinese Team in the Student Ambassadors, working specifically target for Chinese areas. Unless you visit the Chalmers website homepage and really look up for me in the background picture, you would not see me frequently in the Chalmers social media if you do not speak Chinese.

Together, we administrate the official Chalmers account in Chinese social media, Weibo and Renren, very similar to Twitter and Facebook. In such platforms, we post updates of Chalmers, promote Chalmers’ events in China and answer questions about Chalmers in Chinese.

Besides managing social media, we try to keep in touch with Swedish organizations in China (such as Embassy of Sweden in Beijing, Swedish Alumni Network in China, Volvo Group China, etc.) and Chinese organizations (such as Volvo Car, Gothenburg Association of Chinese Students and Scholars, etc.) in Sweden.

Moreover, we will give a short but warm reception to new Chinese students to Chalmers, such as picking them up from the airport, picking up keys of their apartments, etc.

All in all, we will try to promote Chalmers in Chinese areas.

My Bio:

  • MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (2013 – present)
  • B.Sc. in Thermal and Power Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China (2009 - 2013)
  • My email address:
Text: Ning Guo
Edited by: Abhilash Ram
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