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Audio Description: International Student Ambassador - Keerthana

Keerthana Jayaprakash

At Chalmers, doors I did not know about, opened for me. Gothenburg has welcomed me with open arms. The captivating projects at innovative companies and the fun and delicious fika with lovely people has made me fall in love with my everyday life.

Hej! I’m Keerthana Jayaprakash from India. I am currently doing my Masters in Quality and Operations Management at Chalmers. I have rediscovered myself in the 6 months of living in this beautiful city and cannot wait for all the adventures ahead.

A peek into the exciting life of a Chalmerist.

After 4 years of bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and a 2-year stint at an MNC in India, I wished to go back to school. I had discovered my interest and talent in Operations and Business Management and began my intense research on universities with related programs, which led me to the QOM program at Chalmers. Looking back, I had clear expectations from Chalmers and knew what I wanted to specialize in and work with, after graduation.

I reached Gothenburg during the extended summer of 2016 and was constantly reminded that I was one of the lucky few who got to enjoy a few extra hours of sun. The wonderfully planned welcome week that was arranged for all the new entrants relieved me of all the apprehensions I had. I even made friends for life during my very first week at Chalmers.

Life at Chalmers is eventful at the least and there are exciting things constantly happening in and around campus to keep you engaged. The courses here are wonderfully structured and we have incredible professors and collaborations with companies supporting us in every possible way. At Chalmers, we are offered a relaxed and positive environment to realize our dreams and remarkable opportunities to strive for success.

Gothenburg- a beautiful city, I now call home.

The warm people of Gothenburg outweigh the effects of long and bleak Swedish winters with no effort. You are exposed to a sociable international setting where you can enjoy the company of people from all around the world. The Swedish fika is a wonderful facilitator of good times and will leave you with a sweet aftertaste and sweeter memories.

A lasting dream of mine has been to travel and experience the world in its natural glory. Living in Sweden has helped me realize this dream as well. From trips to Copenhagen to celebrate the end of exams, to Christmas in Budapest and New Year’s under the northern lights of Finnish Lapland I have received much more than I had hoped for.

Chalmers is known for its world class education and you can be free from any doubt of receiving it. What I am grateful for is the opportunity to find new dreams and interests, be it traveling, music, sports or just about anything.

Here at Chalmers, the world is your oyster.

My Bio:

·       Masters in Quality and Operations at Chalmers U​niversity of Technology (September 2016-PRESENT)

·       Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University (2010-2014)

·       Recipient of Avanc​ez Scholarshipip (September 2016).

·       Email ID:

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