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Hejsan! I'm YuTing from Taiwan, most of my friends know me by Jeff. Currently I'm studying a Master’s programme in Computer Science - Algorithms, Language, and Logic, soon to start my second year.

I graduated from a catholic high school in Taiwan and failed to get admission of my most preferred Taiwanese university. During an occasional family chat, I stumbled into a completely exotic journey in Thailand. Filled with amazement and hard work, four years of my Bachelor’s studies enriched my knowledge and granted me the chance to meet friends from all over the world. One particular individual among all others, a dear friend and also most respected teacher, professor Åke Fäldt, helped me gaining the chance to visit Sweden and to do a summer internship at. The impression of Chalmers was so profound that I decided to apply for a Master’s programme.


Apart from IKEA, Volvo, and H&M, Sweden may appear as a country with limited international visibility. While the nature is pretty much as vast as you can imagine, Sweden has much more to offer. It was ranked in top three most creative countries in 2015, according to the Global Creativity Index (GCI). The efficiency of work has amazed me from my first day of arrival; so much paper work which would have taken weeks in a typical Asian style, it was done instantly here, with a couple of emails. Similar to Thailand, Sweden is a hub for the Nordic countries and other Western cultures. Unlike Thailand, days in Sweden seem to be longer than days in Bangkok. With less population and traffic, also chilling weather in general, it seems to provide me more time to focus and to sink into deeper thoughts about things in life.

Computer Science - Language, Logic, and Algorithm

If you're interested in software design and programming, but also wondering if things could have been done in a much more elegant and systematic way, chances are that you will benefit to a great extent from this programme at Chalmers. Originating from solid theories of mathematics, courses offered here provide your foundational yet profound understanding of developing robust and efficient code - not only in terms of functions constructing an entire program, but also every detailed concept of yours expressed in elegant languages.

Education at Chalmers - why is it different?

My understanding of higher education often makes me ponder - exactly what should be expected from higher education in this age of information explosion? To me it is more than just a diploma or a degree after two years of work. The true essence of higher education becomes a refinement not only on skill, but also on concepts and principles, sometimes even the philosophy behind the implementation. One needs to dedicate time and continuous thinking on each and every aspect. In reward, you gain the "insight" of things, almost instinctively see through questions and compile solutions with remarkable precision and quality. It is the differences of elegance one cannot simply achieve by hands on, but must go through repetitive processes in mind. It took me years to learn how to program, but Chalmers only spent one year to change completely the way I perceived programming.
I've redefined my understanding of "learning" after the past year of my student life. Here at Chalmers lesson doesn't stop after the bell rings (and there'll be no bells at all! Punctuation is regarded as basic self-respect, very important thing in Sweden). Not just promoting conventional educations means, Chalmers also innovates traditional learning. Professors encourage students to discover the principles behind questions through the derivation of scientific steps via assignments, projects, or even asking the students to write a blog post about what they have learnt during the course.
All my experience and personal opinion support studying at Chalmers. It is difficult to say if one institute is superior to another, but Chalmers has never let me down in any way. A hub for you as international student and your bright future is how I would describe Chalmers. Join me and "avancéz pour demain"(Go forward for tomorrow). 

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