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Chang Peng

Chalmers was just a choice among different universities I applied for, but now, it is much more than that for me!

Ni Hao! I’m Chang, master student in sustainable energy system at Chalmers University of Technology. With bachelor degree in energy engineering, I feel good in my master program now. I come from Hunan province, central southern part of China, so I’m crazy for spicy food!

Why Chalmers

Chalmers was just a choice among different universities I applied for, but now, it is much more than that for me!

Chalmers is a place where you can learn more than you expected to. For us engineering students, apart from lectures, our courses are full of challenging exercises and projects. Chances to go to local companies, learning and solving practical problems there are also provided. As students and professors are equally treated on campus, fusion of diverse background, collision from different aspects happen frequently here.

At Chalmers, you can easily get opportunity to participate in important conferences and seminars such as Nobel Week Dialogue, TED talks, SDNS and etc. You will also have countless different kinds of activities organized by fantastic student union committees, associations and societies. It is a place to enjoy life and make great friends from all over the world.

Come, and I’ll let you know more!

Hey, Gothenburg!

Gothenburg is the second largest city of Sweden, it perfectly meets the word ‘lagom’ in Swedish. The size is not so big, and not so small, and the climate is mild compared to cities with similar latitude. Weather is an interesting topic here, as a harbor city lying on the western coast, rain is frequent. When you talk to people in Gothenburg, they may tell you that this city has a rainy season, which starts from June and end at May.

I love the city, it has everything you can think of. Play in the biggest amusement park in Scandinavian countries with friends, run along streets with hundreds of years of history, enjoy pleasant food in Michelin restaurants, or just sit in the sun doing nothing at all. It’s a city good to learn, and good to live.

Sustainable society

My master program is concerning sustainable energy, and I find that there can never be a better place to study sustainability than Sweden. Around 83% of electricity production in Sweden comes from nuclear power and hydroelectric power. The use of wind and other renewable energy is also increasing now.

It’s so common to live in a sustainable way in Sweden. People here are used to classify waste in order to recycle more. Vintage fashion is so popular here, that people enjoy go to second hand shops both in store and online. Ecological foods are prevalent, you are able find them in different shops easily. Sustainable is not only a concept in macro planning, but also a lifestyle here.

My bio:
  • MSc. in Sustainable Energy System, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, 2015-present
  • B.Eng. in Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Changsha University of Science and Technology, China, 2011-2015


Text: Chang Peng
Edited by: Abhilash Ram
Photo: Private

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