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​Hi! My name is Bharat Mohan and I am from India. I come from Hyderabad, one of the bigger cities of India. The city, also known as the City of Pearls, has made it to Lonely Planet's Top 10 Cities for 2013. I am 24 and I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree at Chalmers in Automotive Engineering. I love travelling, sailing, painting, sports such as volleyball and badminton, watching movies, food… the list is endless. I love taking pictures too, even though I don’t own a DSLR, I take a lot of pictures on my phone! And that's why I'm the "instagrammer" of the student ambassador team.

Why did I choose to study at Chalmers?

I wanted to do my master’s in automotive engineering, and I wanted to do it in Europe, and Chalmers is one of the top universities in Europe for automotive engineering, with tight industry contacts and a very good program with lot of emphasis on practice. Chalmers formula student, one of the most competitive teams for the world's largest student competition for automotive engineering - Formula Student, had just won the competition; it was the icing on the cake. The scholarship I received via the Challenge Yourself India competition also helped me make the decision.

What do I think so far?

It has been great! I have been having a hell of a time. The automotive engineering program is excellent; the course content is tailored with help of industry to meet the current standards, with lot of exposure to practical work and access to the state of the art in the respective fields and it also helped me built some very useful networks. Coming to the social aspect, I’ve made some amazing friends, have been travelling a lot around Europe; have been able to develop my hobbies; start some new hobbies; doing all this while funding myself through some great part time jobs. It couldn’t have been better!

What are my future plans?

I would like to be an entrepreneur in the automotive industry sometime in the late future, but right now I am still at a dilemma whether to continue studying (PhD) or to start working. I would like to be in Europe for at least a few more years and travel a lot while I am here. And finally learn some Swedish!

What can my followers expect from me?

You can expect a lot of pictures from me! Mainly showing my life in Europe, my student life at Chalmers, my travel experiences, the food I make (new found hobby of cooking and baking), and many other aspects of my current life in Gothenburg.

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