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Audio Description: International Student Ambassador - Ario

Ario Dean Wirawan

My father always say, "You only live once, please do it responsibly." And Chalmers is my responsible choice...

​Hi! My name is Ario Dean Wirawan and I come from West Java, Indonesia. I have been studying at Chalmers’ Master Programme of Production Engineering (MPPEN) since autumn 2016, after graduating from Bachelor Programme of Industrial Engineering at Institut Teknologi Bandung a year earlier. I live a very exciting life in Gothenburg and it is an honour for me to share the experience with you.

World Class Education in the Center of Scandinavian Manufacturing Industry

During my bachelor, I did an internship at an Indonesian manufacturing company and I realized that first-hand experience is important for an engineer to understand the dynamic nature of production system. Good collaboration between academic institution and industry has to be one of my main consideration when choosing a place to study.

Long story short, I read about Chalmers and found out that it was ranked second on CWTS Leiden World Ranking 2013 (fifth in 2015) in the category of collaborative research with industry. I also discovered that Chalmers’ MPPEN has a comprehensive curriculum. The courses are carried out by lecturers (who are members of research group called Chalmers’ Production Area of Advance) and guest lecturer from industries. Students also have the chance to participate in various industrial visits which are closely related to the course contents. It was like I just found heaven on earth!

Now that I have been studying at Chalmers for one semester, I started to understand the role of Gothenburg in developing strong relations between Chalmers and industries. Since the 18th century, Gothenburg has been the biggest port in northern part of Europe. During the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, many manufacturing companies were established in Gothenburg, most notably were Volvo and SKF. Nowadays, 21st century, Gothenburg is still famous for its port and industrial business. Many head-quarters, research and development centers, and manufacturing plants are based in Gothenburg.

With these backgrounds, it is hard to ignore Chalmers as your next destination to get a world class education, both in theoretical as well as in practical aspects. Furthermore, Chalmers also puts strong emphasis to sustainability issues which are very critical to support the wellbeing of the society without compromising the future’s sake.

Living in Gothenburg, a First-class International Second-city

Regardless its status as an industrial city, Gothenburg is a pleasant and sustainable place to live. It does not matter in which part of Gothenburg you live in because the residential area quality is good and it is very easy to get everywhere by public transportation. Gothenburg has many open spaces that you can explore: parks, squares, lakes, beaches, hills, and even archipelagos. You can also enjoy other attractions such as sporting events (which I watched several times), science parks, museums, concerts, etc. So, don’t even think that you will get bored with the city!

Finally, the most important thing is that Gothenburg has a very diverse population. You can easily meet people that come from different parts of the world living in Gothenburg. From my perspective, it is an international city with a strong sense of identity that tied all things together into one united solid society. Gothenburg is a city that embrace diversity and through diversity it flourishes. In the end, I would like to state that once you live in Gothenburg, you will experience things that make you fall in love with the Sweden’s second city. So, see you in Gothenburg!

My Bio
  • Master of Science in Production Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology (2016 – present)
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung (2011 – 2015)

Text: Ario Dean Wirawan

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