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Alberta Maria Titis Rum Kuntari

Gothenburg is a perfect home away from home and Chalmers is where I met my second family. The international environment in Chalmers has given me the chance to learn about so many things in a fascinating way. I just love it!

Audio Description: International Student Ambassador - Titis

I am Alberta Maria Titis Rum Kuntari. I know I have such a long name, but you can call me Titis. I came from a city with rich culture in Indonesia, which is Yogyakarta – also known as The City of Education. I am always passionate in the world of design, arts, fashion, food, and music.

My student life in Chalmers

I am a Master Student at Chalmers, in the Design for Sustainable Development Programme. My passion in the world of design is the background why I chose this programme. Other than that, this programme offers various courses which has given me broader knowledge about sustainable development in many different perspective. The group works, discussions, seminars, and field trips has opened my eyes to see the world and has challenged me to explore creative ideas in order to solve development issues.

If you ask me about my favorite thing about studying architecture here in Chalmers, my answer would be : Everything is so organized! People always relate architecture students with working overtime. Well, that is not what happen in Chalmers. I love how teachers always encourage students in Chalmers to use their time effectively from 9 to 5 every working day and still managed to spend the weekend having fun. It is a sustainable way of life to work and have quality time with friends and ourselves in a balanced way.

I also love how this programme is a reality-based programme. We are always challenged by real issues happening in a real location with real people. We have the opportunity to meet people from the municipality, stakeholders, local residents, even professionals from many different fields. The discussions and problem-solving ideas were tremendously open my eyes to many kinds of different knowledge about innovative architectural and urban design.

My life in Gothenburg

When I arrived in Gothenburg for the very first time, my first impression was that the city is full with fashionable people. I know that this city is not a fashion capital, but somehow I fell in love with how the people are mixing outfits with unique styles. As a fashion lover, I am in love already with the city!

I noticed that people here in Gothenburg mostly use trams and buses to move from one place to another. Another thing that captured my attention was that everyone loves coffee. The culture of fika is now becoming my culture as well. To drink coffee and sweet cinnamon bun while having a conversation with friends is one of the most fun part of being here.

Gothenburg in the summer was beautiful and warm. As now the winter has arrived, I have several hard times dealing with the cold and gloomy atmosphere. I started missing the warm weather and it was hard for me to get up in the morning. Living in a student apartment has given me a solution to the problem. My friends who are living in the same building often go to school together with me. Meeting and talking to them everyday really helps me to feel warm in the cold winter.

My Bio

  • MSc. Master Programme of Design for Sustainable Development (MPDSD), Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, 2016 – present
  • Junior Architect in PT. Ciptaning Eka Reksa, Indonesia, 2014-2016
  • B.Eng in Architecture, University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2010-2014

Page manager Published: Thu 25 Jun 2020.