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Alaa Alnuweiri

Marhaba! My name is Alaa, I was born in Syria and I spent most of my life in the city of Jasmine “Damascus”. I am from a multicultural family, where my dad is Palestinian and my mom is Syrian. I am studying a Master’s in Computer Systems and Networks at Chalmers. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Communication Engineering from the Arab International University in Syria. Apart from my studying I am working as a Web Manager with Chalmers International Reception Committee, where we organize five weeks of activities for the new international students at Chalmers.

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Chalmers is the best choice for me

After I finished my bachelor’s studies, I worked as technical sales engineer at Panasonic branch in Syria for almost two years, but then I moved to Gaza because of the bad situation in Syria. However, in Gaza I realized that I really want to continue my studying, so I started to search for the higher education in Europe and I took the TOEFL exam.

At that point I didn’t have much information about the Swedish higher education system or about the Swedish universities, but what caught my attention was “The Swedish Institute Study Scholarship”. I started searching for Swedish universities in general. I compared their international reputation, ranking, opinions of students about each university, their websites and social media channels to see who has the most professional one. I read about the city where the universities were located, and even asked some of my friends who were already living in Sweden.

After collecting all of that information, I found that Chalmers is the best choice for me. I applied for Chalmers and for the Swedish Institute scholarship, and I was lucky to get both.

Sweden has a high reputation in many fields including higher education, human rights and equality.

For me choosing Sweden was not only connected to the quality of the higher education only. I chose to come here because Sweden has a very high reputation in the fields of human rights, equality, democracy, freedom, and sustainability. I was sure that an opportunity to live in Sweden will give me a clear vision on how to achieve these principles in my society.

Göteborg is a great city!

Göteborg is a great city, it’s full of activities all around the year and you will find whatever activity you are looking for, sports, concerts, movies, festivals, theaters, dancing, and parties. I am enjoying living here and I have built a huge network of connections and friends, believe me it is easy here. What I found great about the city (at least for me) is the Arabic supermarkets, where you can find most of the Arabic traditional food.

I will use this platform to share my experience, and some of the interesting things that happen here, with students from all around the world in general, and especially with students from Arab world. Salam!

My Bio:

  • MSc in Computer Systems and Networks, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (2014 - present)
  • BSc in Computer and Communication Engineering, Arab International University, Syria.

Text: Alaa Alnuweiri
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