Page manager Published: Tue 08 Feb 2022.

Planning for your English test

My important preparation to get admitted to Chalmers!

Chalmers is a university with strong international environment where all education and social life activities are conducted in English. Generally, English test score is a requirement to apply to Chalmers. However, if you are from certain upper secondary (high school) studies or certain university studies with English as your main language of education, you might be exempted from submitting English test, as you can find on this Chalmers pageOtherwise, you should submit an internationally approved English test, such as IELTS and TOEFL IBT. I took IELTS for my application to Chalmers because I felt more comfortable with the test system, so I suggest you first to do a little research on which test system you are comfortable with. Also, here are some preparation tips I can share with you.

Make your plan
The key to a successful English test is a good preparation. It is good to check the requirement to set your target score, and at Chalmers, the minimum score for IELTS and TOEFL IBT is English 6​
Then check the English test institution/venue in your area, along with their test schedule and the fee so you can set your timeline and budget. Note that if you are taking IELTS, pick the Academic test as you are using it for your university application. When you plan your timeline, consider when Chalmers application period is open and how long it will take from test registration until you get the result. Of course, you don’t want to miss the application deadline because you haven’t got your result.

Pick a date and book your test
Check your schedule and pick the date wisely! Since I was taking IELTS for my English test, I recognized that the test registration was closed two weeks before the test and the result would be announced after 13 working days. So, please be aware that it could take around one month from the registration until getting the result.
If you have decided the date, then it’s time to book your test. You can either go to their office or book online. I did my test with the British Council and I used their website to book my test. I remember doing my test on November 14th, which is in between Chalmers application dates (October-January). But of course you can pick an earlier date as well to be safe.

Start practicing
There are many available resources for you to learn from, from printed books, e-book, to video tutorials which you can find easily on the internet. One of the useful tutorials that helped me a lot was IELTS preparation​ from the British Council.

Sail through your test!
Now you have reviewed carefully the program you are applying along with its requirement. Set your timeline, prepare your budget, and learn from any resources you can find. You might be nervous about your test and it’s completely normal, so just breathe, relax, and do your best! Good luck! 

Author: Nurina Heratri

Page manager Published: Tue 08 Feb 2022.