Pack Your Things and Get Ready!

Are you ready to start your study at Chalmers? Here is a quick packing tips for you!​​​​​​

New semester is just days away! Are you ready to come to Chalmers? While you're getting ready, I understand that packing could be challenging for new students coming from all around the world to Sweden. Although you might be able to find most of the things you need in Sweden, but some things are just so important to bring from home just to make sure your studies will go smoothly in Sweden. Here is my version of list of 5 things to bring from home!

1. Notebook (Laptop) and phone
You definitely need these gadgets since the first day to answer your emails, catch up the news, and also check your schedule for school. Of course you will also need it to let your family know you're here safely! On your first few days in school, you'll meet new friends. Therefore, your social media will be important to make sure you'll participate in events and expand your network. Later on, of course you'll need your notebook to do your projects and assignments. You can actually buy your notebook and phone in Sweden, but maybe it will take time for you to get used to the Swedish keyboard!

2. Favorite seasonings or spices from your home
Either it is mom's homemade spices or just an ordinary spices from the convenient store nearby, it is important to carry something with the taste of home. For me, it definitely helped me to get through homesickness. Since I came from a country where food is embraced, I really love to whip up some food in my kitchen with spices from Indonesia, especially on the cold winter nights and during the hard exam weeks. A little dash of comfort in your mouth and tummy definitely help you study better and happier.

3.  Windproof and waterproof jacket
Gothenburg is a riverfront city with cool wind all year round. If you are coming from Chicago or Amsterdam, maybe you are familiar with this kind of weather. It is often raining in all seasons as well (it rains less in Summer, but still). What you need to bring is definitely a windproof and waterproof jacket. An umbrella won't be the best option in Gothenburg since it will be blown away very easily. My friend once said that you can actually see the difference between locals and tourist just by looking at what they use for a rainy day : raincoats for locals, and umbrellas for tourists!

4. Glasses / contact lenses
If your eyes need some prescripted glasses or contact lenses, make sure you prepared some extras from home. It is common to find an optic in Sweden but you'll need to book an appointment to get the prescription if you need to buy glasses or contact lenses. It will take some time to make the order, but if you are in a hurry, some online shops let you order contact lenses without prescriptions.

5. Favorite plush toy (or anything which makes you feel like home)
This might sound crazy but having my plush toy around really help me get through the first nights living in a new place. Mine is a giraffe plush toy I won in a toy crane machine. There is always a child soul in all of us so I really believe that bringing something which makes you feel like home will really help you get through those rough days.

Some other general important things to bring are :
- Sweater (with a hoodie if you have one!)
- Sweat pants
- Comfortable shoes
- Comfortable socks or slippers
- Food or snacks
- Your own first aid kit or specific medicines
- Small amount of soap, toothpaste, etc (just for your first few days, you can buy the rest here when you know where to shop!)
- Power adapter

Are you ready to study in Chalmers? Are you excited to pack your things and start your adventure here?
We are excited to have you!

So, see you in Gothenburg!

Text by Alberta Maria Titis Rum Kuntari

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.