Oh no (yes)! Here comes exam

​Are you an oh-yes or oh-no person when it comes to exams? At Chalmers, you can find every type of exam that may suit you even if you have exam anxiety.

Have you ever had a sleepless night and your brain working ten times faster before exam day? I did, especially the first time I took the exam during my master study at Chalmers. I still remember, the course was called Introduction to Design and Construction Project Management, which is a mandatory course. The examiner was from psychology background but taught us managing and organization. Of course, only a few classmates could understand the abstract concepts in the subject because most of them are engineers. When a technical brain meets management stuff, there is definitely no spark generated. Moreover, the course literature was a super thick academic book that was over 500 pages and a study period only lasts for two months, so we know we may get into trouble when the exam comes. Not out of expectation, no one can finish the whole book, but I managed to complete the online quiz. Consequently, the result was not bad and I passed the subject with a satisfactory grade. 

Fortunately, it is not the only way of doing an exam at Chalmers. I experienced different types of exams during my study. For example, some subjects I had have no exam, only doing a group project and attending a seminar is enough. For other subjects, I have experienced a home exam and digital exam. During home exams, I could access online resources and books. However, since you can find knowledge everywhere, the exam questions are never easy, they require a high level of creativity and analytical skills. Digital exams are similar to a common written exam but having a training for typing is a must: it is flexible with functions like copying and rearrange paragraphs. We can also draw diagrams and calculations. 

Another question common for students is “what should I plan for my upcoming exams?” Time and place for studying will be the priority you need to consider. Here I can provide some personal tips for exam preparation: book a group room early while planning your study schedule, and have a course review with your classmates to find out blind spots. The most effective way for preparation is doing previous exam papers, they are usually uploaded on Ping-pong - the Chalmers Learning Management System. Apart from that, because of the flat hierarchy culture in Sweden, exams are an agreement between course examiner and students. Therefore, making a good deal with your professors about how many resources you can get during exams and the way of grading it is necessary. For instance, my professor of Strategy Creation and Change provided us a couple pages of models for in-depth, qualitative argument formulation during our exam. Lastly, don’t miss the chance of doing an exam review, which may get you extra points when you justify your answer well. Hope after reading this blog you can become an exam superior fighter at Chalmers. Lycka till!!

Author: Peiyu Wu​

Page manager Published: Wed 21 Nov 2018.