Nobel Week Dialogue

​An insight into the Nobel Week Dialogue group meeting.
​The Nobel Week Dialogue is a yearly event held during the Nobel Week, in which the Nobel Laureates take part in events and activities throughout the week until December 10, where they receive their awards and attend the Nobel Banquet. The Nobel Week Dialogue was introduced in 2012, with the aim of assembling world leading scientists, and policy makers for discussions and sharing of knowledge. Nobel Week Dialogue is organized by Nobel Media AB since with the aims to spread awareness about Nobel Prize awarded achievements and provides a platform to share these motivational stories with the global audience.
This year, Nobel Week Dialogue will be held at Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg on the 9th of December. The Nobel Week Dialogue is a full day seminar where Nobel Prize winners, world-leading scientists, lobbyists and decision makers together with the audience, discuss a science-related theme. The idea is to deepen the dialogue between academia and society to create awareness regarding agendas related to Nobel Prize and issues of great importance to the world. Usually students make up about half of the audience at this event.

This year’s theme - "The future of Intelligence" is particularly of keen interest for the students and provides immense opportunities to stimulate thinking and exciting imagination. The scope of the theme gives rise to the following questions, which will be addressed by the Nobel Laureates.

* How our developing relationship with technology affects our brain?

* Are fear of super intelligence justified?

* What will human do when robot takes over majority of our roles?

* What role will creativity have in the future?

* When will artificial intelligence exceed human intelligence?

* Who will benefit and who will lose out?

* How can society best prepare for changes ahead?

For participation, registration can be made starting from October 2015, and the participation for the event is entirely free of charge. Online streaming and activities both before and after the event will also be available for local and international audience around the globe.
To kick start the preparation for this year’s Nobel Week Dialogue, workshop/focus group meeting was held at Arvid Hedvalls Backe 4 to hear the views of participating students. Student representatives were invited from various universities of the Gothenburg region. The Universities, which participated were; Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg University, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and School of Business, Economics and Law.

The workshop was chaired by;
Mr. Magnus Gylje, Chief Digital Officer and Editor-in-Chief, Nobel media
Ms. Maria von Konow, Communications Manager, and
Ms. Lena Abrahamsson Lund, Director Projects and Events at Nobel media

The workshop/focus group resulted in a productive and fruitful discussion. With the goal of organizing a spectacular event for the participants, creative ideas and interesting thoughts from different individuals were shared and discussed. We look forward to the participation of the all the Chalmerists in the Nobel Week Dialogue 2015.
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Written by: Daphne Hingert and Mrinalini Raina

Page manager Published: Thu 10 Nov 2016.