New Year, New Resolutions!

​Nothing better to start the year with than a small list of intentions we would like to achieve, right?
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I have been thinking a lot about what I want to achieve this year, settled my goals and turns out January was quite good! I have just started my thesis, and I am super happy! It still seems like it was a second ago I was arriving at Chalmers for my very first day of Master's. 

When I was applying in 2016 I had a very brief list of intentions: do my best in the applications to start a master programme in the area I always wanted to work with. Time flies, and this year things got a little more complicated, but also more exciting!

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I have to confess that the decision-making process for my thesis was hard for me. There is so much I would like to research more in depth! And that was how my 2019 intentions list began:
1.    Be more assertive! It is extremely good to be confident about our decisions, and trust that they will bring us great experiences. (They brought me here after all!).
2.   Choose and do what we love! I believe I will be happier while doing it and this will be shown in my final work.
While thinking about all this research I will make this year, I also started to wonder… how will I DEAL with stress? How is my life/work balance going? Time for some other points in the list:
3.    Exercise more constantly. Moving to Sweden made me rethink my relationship with exercises in general (moving your body can make you healthier for real) but keep a good frequency is still hard for me.
4.    Visit some places in Gothenburg. Yes, Chalmers campus is amazing, and I love to hang there, but there is a lot in the city I still need to see: Universeum (a museum and science center), Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet (a historical maritime museum), all the surrounding lakes and the islands.
Audio Description: Student Blog - New Year, New Resolutions! - Picture of cinnamon bunsBesides that, there are two points related to a very critical topic nowadays, particularly approached here in Sweden: sustainability.
5.    Reduce my plastic usage. I have always carried a tote bag with me, but switching plastic cups, pots, and straws by reusable ones is not that hard and can help a lot. 
6.    Stop buying what I don’t need or shop second hand. My bank account will be thankful and so will be the environment. Sangeeth and Titis made a life-saving second-hand shopping blog here 
Finally, but not least, something extremely essential skill I need to learn:
7.    How to prepare Kannebulle (Swedish Cinnamon Bun)!

What about you? What are your intentions for the rest of 2019?

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Author: Ligia Tapia


Page manager Published: Thu 25 Jun 2020.