My way through Swedish weather and seasons

​Sweden is not about just cold-dark winters. There are 4 seasons in Sweden and here is my experience with them.

Today, I confide in you a secret – ‘one of the common morning rituals of all Swedes’ which unknowingly, I have also adapted from past one year. And that is – every morning before getting ready, we open our weather app on the phone and check for day’s weather. Why is this necessary? Because we want to be prepared for the day – clothing-wise, at least. We wear appropriate clothing and carry necessary tools (like umbrellas during rainy days or sunglasses during the summer).
And do remember, it can rain literally anytime of the day or year irrespective of the season, especially here in Gothenburg. This was a little awkward from me at first because back in India we have a defined rainy season followed by winter and summer. Coming to seasons in Sweden, we have four of them and trust me, each of them has its own charm.

Autumn (Höst)​

I started my studies during Autumn last year. What got me first about this season is the colour. Shades of yellow, green, orange, red and even blue; they all come to make the atmosphere really enticing. The best thing I like about Autumn is the mild cold and I enjoy it by having fika (a Swedish custom) with friends. Celebrations like October fest & Halloween are also something to look forward to.

Winter (Vinter)

Before moving to Sweden, I was scared by others that the Swedish winter is dark, grey and depressing. Out of fear, I also attended a few seminars about ‘How to cope with Swedish winters’. To the contrary, I fell in love with winters the moment I experienced first snow. Having come from the relative hot region of India, snow was so ecstatic. By the end of November, Christmas lights start to come up and brightens the entire city.  Although we get less snow and more slush in Gothenburg, I still cherish the way snow sparkles under my feet on a dark night. I also learnt that cold is just about the right clothes and darkness is about mindset. The dark winters never hinder with my routine.

Spring (Vår)

After winter, spring is like a fresh breath welcomed by new leaves & flowers and most importantly – Cherry blossoms! Oh yes, there are cherry blossoms in Gothenburg. We also get a long Easter break from school. I enjoyed these days by visiting the botanical garden and exploring the city.

Summer (Sommar)

To be honest, I am not a fan of summer as I have enough acquittance with the sun in India. But for Swedes, summer is not just a season, but it is a celebration. It’s also holiday time and I enjoyed it by visiting western archipelagos. I also get to attend the midsummer festival which is a traditional Swedish celebration.
Having lived through all 4 seasons in Sweden, I have treasured loving memories of them. I advise don’t let other’s thoughts worry you as each of the seasons have something to offer. Just accept the way they are and enjoy.

Author: Shilpa Gupta

Page manager Published: Sun 08 Dec 2019.