My five first times at Chalmers

​Do you sometimes feel that you wish to try something, but you don’t dare to do it? Read about the five first things I did since I started my studies at Chalmers.

Stepping out of my comfort zone at a karaoke place in Gothenburg. 

1. Karaoke
I am the kind of person who does something well or doesn’t do it at all. I never dared to sing in public. Why? Because simply I can’t sing. However, when I had a chance to join a party in a karaoke place I said to myself: “It’s time to step out from my comfort zone. All in all, I like to sing!”. While being at the party I realised that my singing skills don’t matter as long as we had fun! In the end, it’s the good company that counts, isn’t it?​

2. Canoeing​
Living in a big city like Warsaw, I didn’t have many opportunities to have outdoor activities often. This changed when I came here. During my welcome month at Chalmers, I tried canoeing for the first time. Even if this trip didn’t finish well (because of a sudden downpour), I still remember it warmly and I tried it myself also this summer. It's a very popular form of activity and since there are a lot of lakes in Sweden, there are a lot of places to enjoy canoeing. 

3. Sauna
You know this saying: “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”? As some may say, there is nothing more Swedish than going to the sauna. In the autumn, when it starts to be windy and cold, my Swedish friend asked me if I wanted to join her going to the sauna. I said: “well, let’s try”. And you know what? Now I can’t imagine winters without a sauna, which warms me up like nothing else in colder days. 

4. Gym
I have never been a sports lover and In the last few years, I was not doing sports due to an injury. It was hard to start it again after such a long break. When I came here I felt that it was time to start it up again. Together with my new friend we bought gym cards. I also went to a physiotherapist, who helped me with my injuries.  Looking from a one-year perspective, I feel healthier and also happier that I take care of my body.

5. Going to the club
Yes. I, Aleksandra, at age 24, had never been to a dancing club before. Partly, because I am more into concerts, partly because I never had time. However part of the Swedish culture is going out with friends. So why not join? Together with a bunch of friends, I went to a dancing club. Wow, what a night! I have never danced for so long! 
For me, coming to Sweden was like having a fresh start in life. It was the first time I was on my own and I could do the stuff I never had the courage to try before. This freedom and my new friends gave me the courage and safety to step out of my comfort zone.

Author: Aleksandra

Page manager Published: Thu 27 Feb 2020.