My favorite things about Chalmers

​Being a Chalmerist is a whole lifestyle! From engaging student union events to lunch lectures on every possible topic imaginable, Chalmers has a lot to offer. But it doesn't end there! 

From a huge number of clubs catering to all the diverse interests and activities to cafes and pubs on the campus serving fika; the student life at Chalmers cannot be better. But at the end of the day, the Johanneberg campus itself is also beautiful and a good place to wind down and take a moment to breathe from the hustle of graduate life. In this blog, I would like to highlight a couple of places and things at Chalmers that make me both proud and relieved with my choice of university.

wooden model of Chalmers1. The kyrka at the student union building
The absolute best place in my opinion, although I may be biased with the amount of time I have spent there hanging out with my friends. With its tall ceilings, wooden flooring, and a warm color scheme, the kyrka is probably the most welcoming place on the campus. It is sort of a group room, with a column of study tables for anyone wishing to work on their assignments, a column of plush sofas for those who want to hang out with their friends, and lastly a column of tall chairs, strategically placed near the windows for making the best out of the sunny afternoons. 

There are also three billiards tables, a music room that you have to prebook, and books and board games for those looking to wind down. The stairs leading to the Kyrka also hold a wall of pictures, describing all the major events in the history of Chalmers, a showcase of the awards, the university’s crest, and a small wooden model of the campus. Its little oddities make the whole environment cozier and friendlier to the new students.
2. The Karaoke and the student pub and club in the student union buildingstudent pub at chalmers

They are all a must-visit place on campus Johanneberg! The karaoke is a bit small, perfect for smaller groups of aspiring singers, and has a really good sound system. The room is also comparatively soundproof which makes the experience really immersive and ensures no one outside gest disturbed by the singing talents inside. It is also right by the pub, J.A.Pripps, where you can almost everyone relaxing and having a little fika at the end of a long day.

The club, Gasquen, on the other hand, is an open area with a dedicated dancefloor, a drinks counter, and a seating space with plush couches and sofas for a quick respite. It is open on the weekends and accessible through the university’s student card which makes it a safe space. There are also rooms outside for breaks and safely stowing away the belongings.

3. The majestic statues and symbols scattered around the campus
The campus boasts of many statues and little oddities places in front of departments, most of which have a hidden explanation known by the people in the said departments. The statues of world leaders and pioneers of their field, while invoking a burning inspiration, are often surrounded by blooming gardens and benches which are also excellent sunny spots during the good weather days. 

The departmental signs are a source of mystery to me, and I feel a strange gratification every time I figure one out! It makes me feel closer to the university, almost like getting to know a new friend better, and goes on to show how the little things and details hold the power to change the perspective.

dogs on campus4. The concept of an open campus
The campus buildings at Chalmers are not a walled-in property. They have open roads and cycling lanes that anybody can use at all times. This often saves a lot of time when I am running between buildings to get to my next class and also makes it much livelier in my opinion. It’s not uncommon to spot an occasional runner making their way through the little hills and lawns of the campus.

But the most memorable sightings for me, as an avid dog lover, are the different dogs walking excitedly beside their owners. It makes me happy to see a part of the city trickling into the academic world after a full day of classes and labs.

5. The study rooms scattered across the campus

This list would be incomplete without mentioning the brilliantly designed study rooms at the campus. They are usually pre-booked until the evening, more so during the exam periods, but can be accessed at all times. study room window, overlooking the city

There are several newly built areas specifically designed as dedicated study spots, but you can always find a few old rooms, tucked away in the corners and basements of the department buildings. These are often aimed as a shared study spot, which doesn’t need any booking and is also quite relaxed in terms of rules for food and/or drinks. 

The best spots in my opinion are the ones lining the lecture halls, the HA, HB, and HC areas on the east side of campus Johanneberg, as they overlook the city and have plenty of sunlight filtering through at the point of the day. 

They also have a not-so-well-known basement area with more study rooms, computer labs, a student pub, and some kitchens for heating a premade meal or preparing a quick study snack.
These are a couple of places at Chalmers that I’ve spent a lot of time frequenting to. I have a lot of memories attached to them, especially during my first semester at Chalmers when I was a newbie and looking forward to exploring it all. I find some of these places comforting in a very nostalgic way while some on my list are a breath of fresh air after a whole day of rigorous academics. If you haven’t been to any of these places, I really hope you do check them out. Perhaps you will also find a semblance of joy, peace, or excitement, whatever it is that you are seeking at the moment.

Author: Smita

Page manager Published: Mon 13 Jun 2022.