My digital ambassador experience

This is how it feels to be a Chalmers digital ambassador.​
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I remember that after being accepted at Chalmers, I was curious about how my new life was gonna be. I watched almost every webinar, and I connected to nearly every live on @we.are.chalmers Instagram. I also checked all the Chalmers platforms and looked for advice from current students in Unibuddy. I was excited, and I'm sure you, an accepted student, are too! I texted a Unibuddy called Jason; he was a Biomedical Engineering Master's student, just like me. So, I asked him how the programme was, how much study load would I be having, the main research fields in Biomedical, and of course, the weather. I got some really good advice from him and felt that I would have liked to do the same thing for others. At that moment, it hit me; I was sure that I wanted to become a digital ambassador.

When I arrived at Gothenburg and started my master's student's life, I enjoyed the city vibes during the first few weeks. There's a committee at Chalmers that welcomes new students and prepare activities for them: going around the city, going to the woods, going to the sauna, and so on. I was waiting to see how one can become an ambassador, so I checked regularly @we.are.chalmers IG to be informed. When the call for ambassadors opened, I received an email about it. I didn't hesitate and prepared my application to become a content creator and a Unibuddy. Luckily, after an interview, Chalmers decided I could perform as an ambassador; I was thrilled! 

Writing blogs, eventually participating in a YouTube video, handling the @we.are.chalmers IG account, and being a Unibuddy are my main tasks as a digital ambassador.
Why is it so cool?
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Being an ambassador allows you to share your thoughts and experiences while helping students from all over the world. But so far, what has been really amazing for me, is being a Unibuddy. It is a platform where you can chat with current students at Chalmers. There are Unibuddies from different programmes, so if you are wondering where should I find a Unibuddy, you can click here. I got questions from people from all over the world, including India, Iran, Sweden, the US, Honduras, Spain, Ecuador, and the list goes on… I get the usual questions about my experiences with accommodation, student life, scholarships, and the application process. But what I have liked the most so far has been how grateful and friendly they can be. Once I answered their questions, if they felt confident enough, they started sharing how excited they are about coming to Chalmers, for example.

I have had three amazing experiences where those people started trusting me and sharing how their processes in applying to Chalmers were going. It was amazing to see that even though we only communicate through the platform, and all we know is our first names, they showed a little bit of their personalities while chatting.

The other nice thing about being a digital ambassador is that you are part of a team of other ambassadors. Imagine you just got to this new city and are finding a way to make new friends. All of a sudden, you get accepted to be a digital ambassador along with other people. You hang around with them so much that you are no longer part-time working. You are also getting together just for fun! I wouldn't have met these amazing people if I didn't apply to be a digital ambassador. You start by working together but build up a friendship at the same time. I remember Sena, Teanette, Marija, Abril, and I started watching a series together. It was a cool thing to do! We got together for Christmas and now casually go hiking or just have a fika together. And, of course, we all know we are there for each other. The phone is always on alert mode if something was to happen to any of us, or if we need advice from each other. 

Being a Chalmers digital student ambassador not only gives you a responsibility, but it will also probably give you some new friends. The way I see it, being an ambassador is about retrieving all the good things you received from another ambassador. It's having fun by living as a student and letting prospective students have an idea of what to expect when they arrive. I'm sure you are as curious as I was when I was accepted; maybe you are also checking all the platforms. I have been in your shoes as an admitted student, and you'll be in mine later as a first-year student. So, why not apply for being the next digital ambassador and help the next you?

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Author: Nathaly

Page manager Published: Mon 28 Jun 2021.