My Master's in Entrepreneurship

​​A trip through memory lane; looking back at my first year at Chalmers!

Entreprepreurship at Chalmers

​When I applied through UniversityAdmissions back in early 2019, I knew that I had wanted to come to Chalmers but the only thing I could base this decision on was what my programme offered: a two-year M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship and Business Design following the Corporate Entrepreneurship Track. I knew that I didn’t want to move halfway across the world for only a one year master’s programme and I also understood the benefits of getting work placement as part of my education as this is what had occurred during my Bachelor’s in Australia. This was made all the more important as I was moving to a new country and barely knew anyone, so any foot in the door was a good foot.

Fast-forward six months and I’m in Gothenburg, Sweden. I arrive three weeks before school is scheduled to begin and even though it seemed like a long enough time, I still couldn’t help but feel the pressure of organising everything. By everything I mean my ID card to kitchen appliances to getting a start on my summer readings. The first week of September rolls around and I’m once again at my first day of school. Nerves are running high and when we go to introduce ourselves around the classroom I nearly say, “Hi, I’m Sydney from Tamara” (#facepalm), but I got there in the end just so you know.

Some people knew each other from their Bachelor’s or from around Chalmers but like me, there were quite a few people that did not know anyone either. After the initial introduction, we were straight into groupwork where we had to reflect on and discuss our summer readings. Some days later, we were placed in other groups based on our differing educational backgrounds and these groups were then our groups for the whole semester in a project called The Business Creation Lab (BCL). Here, we had to come up with strategies to commercialise a patented technology. There were many long days (and some long nights) but it was one hell of a great learning curve!

During the BCL, I took some Swedish lessons at Folkuniversitet on Saturdays however I found it a little difficult to learn a language in a typical classroom setting so I decided to take a different approach! I was going to use my love for reality TV to propel my Swedish instead (not something that is necessarily recommended but I still take pride in my choice hehe).

Fast-forward again and it’s just after New Year’s and school ramps up once more. I hear that the second semester isn’t as demanding so I begin my search for either an internship or part-time work. During this time, I also sign up to be a part of ICM Advice and LS Advice which are two student-led committees that provide intellectual property advice to individuals and businesses. I eventually also get an internship at a Gothenburg-based start-up called Mycorena. I suppose I saw the importance quite early on of pushing myself to take every opportunity that came my way as I wanted to engage and meet as many people as I could! Also, I find that when I’m out of my comfort zone the experiences are so much more valuable, so I figured (and I still do!) that nearly everything doing is worthwhile.

It’s just after Summer 2020 and I’ve just finished the first day of my third semester. I can’t believe how much has happened in the past year and how much my life is different, but I have absolutely no complaints. Chalmers has been a great university, Gothenburg - a great town, but the people and the friends I’ve made have been even better!

Author: Tamara​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Page manager Published: Wed 16 Sep 2020.