More Packing Tips to be Absolutely Ready for Your Trip to Gothenburg

Few more packing tips to complete your preparation to study at Chalmers University of Technology​

As a sequel to the packing list I have posted before, here are my version of quick tips of what to do and what not to do when you pack your stuffs for your trip to Gothenburg!


Travel light!
Bring only the stuff you need and try not to carry everything. Pack two pairs of trousers, some t-shirts, some underwear, one sweater and one jacket is quite enough. You'll have lots of time to shop for new clothes that will be more suitable for the weather in Gothenburg when you are here. And don't bother panicking about the cold winter in Sweden, you can find your winter supplies here (jacket, shoes, fleece, etc.). Sweden's recycling culture has spread in all cities including Gothenburg. You can find numbers of secondhand shops where winter jackets are sold in a very affordable price. Of course you can buy new ones too!

Keep the important things close to you!
Organize your stuffs and decide on what you will bring in your carry-on bag and what you'll put in the baggage. Bring your important documents in the carry-on bag along with the things you can't live without (phone, camera, passport, etc.). If you are travelling from far away, you might also want to bring a t-shirt and a pair of pants in your carry-on bag just in case you need to refresh yourself and change clothes while waiting for flight transfer at the airport.

Check your airline's baggage regulations!
International airline regulation are strict regarding to baggage. Double check your airline's baggage regulations regarding to the weight limit and what is allowed and what is not. Some food are not allowed to be brought in an airplane, so make sure that you won't get any trouble while travelling.

Do some research related to weather and climate!
Make sure you bring only the things you'll need for the season when you are arriving. Don't bring all four season's clothes in your baggage, they won’t fit. Bring suitable clothes for the weather and the season in Sweden. That includes the type of shoes you choose to wear. I personally suggest a pair of comfortable shoes with waterproof coating which can be used in all seasons.

Make a packing list!
You don't want to forget something especially when travelling abroad. Make sure you bring everything you need. If it is possible, ask your friend or family to read the list for you, and let them help you double check the things you need.

Keep yourself hydrated and moisturized!
Bring your water bottle and moisturizer for your lips and skin with you. Sweden's weather is quite dry, therefore your skin needs more attention than usual. You'll need water and moisturizer as well on the long flights.


Don't bring large quantities of toiletries, sports equipment, or kitchen utensils.
Bring small amount of toiletries for your first few days in your new place. You can buy the rest here. Join groups of people in Gothenburg on Facebook and talk to your neighbors in your apartments, they might have something for sale for cheap price! You don't need to bring heavy sports equipment or kitchen utensils. These items are easily found in student apartment's recycling room and in buy and sell groups on Facebook. However, if you have a specific hobby, try to find something compact and light to bring with you.

Don't bother bringing room decorations.
Those room decorations will take up too much space in your luggage. Trust me, I only brought a small pack of decorations for my room but I did not use most of them. Why? Because Sweden inspires me in so many ways that I can experiment how to decorate my room more creatively since the moment I arrived in my new apartment. Bringing some pictures from home is fine, but let your experience create stories in your room and decorate while you're here.

Don't put your important cards, cash, and traveler’s cheque in your checked in baggage.
Put your credit cards and cash in your wallet and put it safely in your hand luggage. It is possible for checked baggage to arrive late in your destination and you don't want to take the risk losing your valuable stuffs.

Don't bring something that would make your whole luggage smells.
Some food are just too good to resist, but there are food with strong smell that might ruin the smell of your whole luggage. If you want to bring food, I would suggest to bring dry food and double pack them with sealed bag to prevent from leaking. If you would bring some kind of liquid like shampoo, oil, or some kind of liquid spices, make sure you pack them safely as well.

There you go! I hope this tips will be helpful for you. I wish you all good luck on your preparation and I will see you here at Chalmers!


Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.