Meet Juana: from Chalmers to an exciting job in Colombia

​I would like to introduce you Juana Camacho, a Chalmers alumni from the Master's Programme Industrial Ecology, who returned to her home country Colombia after completing her studies and landed in a super exciting job, thanks to what she have learned at Chalmers.
I asked Juana three simple question to have an overwiew of her experience at Chalmers, and how it led her present position at the Climate Finance team at the National Planning Agency of Colombia, the top governamental agency in charge of policy making.
How was your time at Chalmers?
"My time in Chalmers was amazing, full of activities both academic and social. I had the opportunity to join several initiatives such as Chalmers Students fo Sustainability, the Challenge Lab, Gothenburgs Sustainability Student Alliance. I took courses that are absolutely relevant for my job today and that allowed me to improve management and research skills. I met amazing people from all over the world with I now consider some of my closest friends."
What did you like best?
"I loved two of my courses, Strategy Creation and Change and Leadership for Sustainability Transitions. I loved the campus where academic life mixed perfectly with social activities. But I liked most the people I met during the year and a half I spent in Chalmers as student and project assistant."
What are you working with now after you returned to Colombia?
"After two weeks of returning to Colombia I joined the Climate Finance team at the National Planning Agency, the top governmental agency in charge of policy making. I am part of a program to assist the Colombian government in the preparation process to access the Green Climate Fund. I am responsible for developing a program to generate capabilities within the national and sub-national government to access climate finance. I am using everything I learned at Chalmers to fulfill my role. During my interview, my experience at Chalmers and the competences I developed there as a sustainability change agent made the difference and got me the job."
 Juana always seemed passionate about everything she is doing, and it could not be different with her masther's thesis "Circularity Assessment for Companies", that was awarded the 2015 Jan Rydberg best master's thesis prize! She is an example of these people who do what they love and the results come naturally. Such an inspiration! You go, girl!

Page manager Published: Thu 10 Nov 2016.