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​Medicinaregatan is a great place. It is close to Chalmers and the city center and everything is just a few minutes away.
Audio Description: Student Blog - Medicinaregatan BuildingMedicinaregaten is one of the many accommodations own by SGS and to me, it is an awesome place. In the olden days, it used to accommodate nursing students. And it was renovated in 1992 (yes, the year I was born) and was transformed into student residence for both local and international students. It is located right inside the University of  Gothenburg’s campus. The building stands between two tram stations, Medicinaregaten and Sahlgrenska Huvedentre. So, one can just pick which direction you’re traveling to and just walk for 2 minutes to each station. More importantly, Medicinaregaten is only 2 tram stops away from Chalmers Johannesberg Campus, so for all the night owls out there, it literally takes less than 3 minutes to get to Chalmers unless you study in Lindholmen. You can wake up 15 minutes before your 8.00 am class and still be a few minutes early. 

TransportationAudio Description: Student Blog - Medicinaregatan Tram Stop

The bus and trams that run to and from Chalmers are as follow
Bus - 16
Tram- 6, 7, 8, 13

Most of the rooms offered to the International students are single rooms with private bathroom. So, you have your own bathroom in your bedroom. And the room is approximately, 22 sq. It’s a single room so you are not allowed to have roomie. The rent includes other utilities such as electricity, water, internet access and all the facilities in the building (laundry, sauna, cable TV). 

Shared Kitchen with balcony
Apart from the private room, one has to share the kitchen with 9 other students. This is because in each floor there are 10 rooms, and for all the 10 tenants, there is one big shared kitchen where one is provided with own cupboard, fridge and freezer space etc. The kitchen is well equipped with oven, 8 stoves, microwaves, and other utensils. All the common kitchen utensils are provided by SGS. However, all the tenants share the responsibility to clean the kitchen, put out the trashes etc. In addition to the cooking area, the shared kitchen also includes the living space where the tenants could watch TV, chat, or just relax. Moreover, there is one balcony by the kitchen to enjoy the view of Sahlgrenksa Hospital or even to study. To sum up, it’s spacious and convenient. 

Other Facilities
Laundry room
The laundry room is equipped with washing machines, dryers, and the drying cupboards. One has to book the laundry time, which is 3 hours per booking. 

When in Sweden, one should experience the sauna. At Medicinaregatan, this can be done at your convenience. All you have to do it just put your room number in the booking sheet and there you go, enjoy the hot and sweaty moment of your life. For each booking, you get 3 hours, which is more that enough.

Rooftop Terrace
In summer days, this is great because we have our own rooftop terrace where you can invite your friends and have some grills and barbeque. It is spacious and the view is amazing. Likewise, one has to book it if you want to use it. (Well, at least you don’t have to be in a queue for it)

Hobby room 
In addition to all these facilities, Medicinaregatan also offers a hobby room, which contains table tennis table (ping pong table), a piano, lots of comfy couches and a big projector. This is where I practice my lousy piano skill and watch Game of thrones and Eurovisions with my flat mates.

Well, in my opinion, Medicinaregatan is a great place. It is close to Chalmers and the city center and everything is just a few minutes away. I don’t have to worry about not catching the tram or bus late in the night. There are two supermarkets, Hemköp and Lidl in the vicinity so you will definitely not starve. Even though it was renovated in the year I was born, it looks and feels pretty modern, I would never have thought it was renovated 24 years ago, if I wasn’t told. So, trust me the building is in great shape. Well, old is gold after all. 

Coming soon, a video of Medicinaregaten and an interview with my flat mates regarding the apartment, if you care to venture. So stay tuned. Have fun apartment hunting. 

Written by: Daphne Hingert

Page manager Published: Thu 25 Jun 2020.