Page manager Published: Sun 27 Nov 2016.

First year Master's programmes dinner

In the beginning of November, first year Master's students from Master's programmes from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics departments were invited to participate in a really nice dinner to get to know their colleagues, Master's programmes directors and some alumni.

The first edition of the "First year Master's dinner" occurred last year, when I was at my first year, which made me able to attend as a "guest". It was a really nice evening and that made me willing to join the planning group for this year's dinner.

The main idea behind the dinner is to help first year Master's students, both Swedish and international, to get to know their classmates better and, eventually, to meet their Master's programmes directors. This year, alumni that had graduated for not that long ag​o were also invited to give an idea of the different paths that one can take after their studies. 

Our evening started with a mingling, that was followed by a performance from two student societies: AllianceOrchestret and ChalmersBaletten (the Alliance Orchestra and Chalmers Ballet). Then we were ready for eating! There was a Nordic Buffé, so international students were able to try (if they had not already done that) some typical Swedish food: different sorts of sill (herring), västerbottenostpaj (a delicious pie made of a special kind of cheese), different kinds of salmon and more. Everything for just a symbolic amount of money!

We also had a fun quiz about Chalmers and Göteborg! It was again a very pleasant evening and it was great to help to organize it together with the planning group!

The Master's programmes that were invited this year were Applied Physics, Biotechnology, Complex Adaptive Systems, Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science, Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering, Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Nuclear Science and Technology, Physics and Astronomy and corresponding programmes at Gothenburg University. Keep your eyes open for next year's!

Text: Carolina Braga
Pictures: Private and Penpaka Kannikaporn

Page manager Published: Sun 27 Nov 2016.