Living in Rotary

​Choosing a place to live can be difficult, especially in a new city. That is why I'm going to write a bit about how it is to live in Rotary!​​​​​
I have been living in Rotary for eight months now and I am very satisfied. It takes only about 5 minutes walking to get to Chalmers and one can choose to take a quite nice path through a small park and enjoy a bit of green on the way to school. 
The neighbourhood is calm and safe. There are good grocery stores nearby, at walking distances, and quite good restaurants. There is also good transport connection to the city centre, three bus lines that are quite close (18,19 and 52) and it does not take too long to walk to tram stops either (Kapellplatsen and Chalmers) if that saves you some time with connections to get somewhere. However, if you enjoy walking, it will not take you more than 15 minutes to get to the main avenue "Avenyn". There are also good gyms nearby; it takes me about 12 minutes walking to get to Fysiken​ on Gibraltargatan, one of the biggest gyms in town. If one feels lazy for walking, there is a bus that goes there. 
Rotary itself is divided in interconnected blocks built around an inner 'garden' where there is a barbecue place, bicycle parking areas as well as an independent building where one of the laundry rooms is located (the other one is inside one of the blocks). 
Each room has its own bathroom with shower and also a hall with the wardrobe. It is a spacious one; I could pretty much fit my 64 kg luggage without major difficulties and still got some space left for more! Oh, there is also an individual space in a storage room, which for me turned out very useful for having the empty suitcases, for instance. 
The rest of the room, where I have my bed and furniture, has a good space for having the basics that one eventually needs. As it is a rectangle, with no weird corners, I think it feels a bit bigger than it actually is, but that is my impression of it. 
I share the kitchen with eight other neighbours. We have two sets of induction plates, with four cooktops on each, stove, sink, cabinets and also a dining room. Even though it seems a lot of people for one kitchen, it's very rare that more than two people end up cooking at the same time. For keeping it clean, we have a schedule for taking the trash and so on and it works quite well! 
​Regarding leisure, there is the barbecue place that I mentioned, in the middle of the garden. There is also a billiard room and an exercise hall that can be booked without any fee. At block A there is also the Rotary pub, that remains open for a couple of days every week and is a good place for a chill out!

I hope to have been able to show you a bit of how it is to live in Rotary. If you have more specific questions, feel free to email me at

Text: Carolina Braga
Images: Private

Page manager Published: Tue 22 Dec 2020.