Life-saving apps for your sweet life in Sweden

Living in Sweden is easier when you have these apps on your phone!

Sweden is famous for its never-ending innovation, especially in technology. In this era when almost all things are possible to be digitalised, and almost everyone has a smartphone, it is inevitable that we are becoming dependent to apps. Some apps specifically help you to enjoy your life a little better and easier while studying in Gothenburg. Worth to mention that we are not sponsored by any apps or companies, I am just sharing our daily life experience using these technologies to help us enjoy our lives better while studying in Sweden.

1. Transportation apps
Västtrafik To Go, GoWest / Reseplanerare (Travel Plan)
The main public transportation facility in Gothenburg is Västtrafik. You can buy a virtual transportation ticket whenever wherever using To Go. This app is a very convenient tool where you can buy tickets wherever, whenever you want. While for checking the travel schedule, you can use Reseplanerare or GoWest.

2. Studying apps
Pingpong, Chalmers maps
Chalmers has its own app for maps and studies purpose. Pingpong is one of the main apps we use at Chalmers to get every information about our studies, for example, course schedule, documents, lecture materials, assignments, and announcements. Pingpong is a very convenient app where you can also contact your teacher and classmate using its messaging feature.

3. Student card apps
Mecenat, Chalmers card balance app, studentkortet
At Chalmers, card is king. We do not use cash at all on campus. Instead, we use card everywhere. You can buy your needs at Chalmers using your credit card, but the student union card will be able to give you some good deals and discounts. Chalmers Student Union Card can be accessed through a virtual app called Mecenat. Here you can find a lot of information about discounts and your card information. Once you forget to bring your wallet with your physical card, this app can be used as a substitute for a proof that you are a student by showing your virtual student ID. To check your balance on your student union card, use Chalmers Card Balance app.

4. Language apps
Learning Swedish, Duolingo, memrise, google translate, dictionary
If you are interested in studying Swedish (or any other languages), you can download some apps that can help you study better. For a quick help in your daily life, google translate and dictionary are quite sufficient to help you understand what you are reading in public places.

5. Shopping apps
There are a lot of shopping apps in Sweden, but I will need more than just one blog post! I picked one shopping app that is essential in student’s daily life for grocery shopping which is Tiendeo. This app gives you access to online shopping catalogue from different brands of the supermarket. In Sweden, sometimes you get printed catalogue in your mailbox from the nearest supermarket. By using this app, you can get the same information (and more from other supermarkets) without paper. It is quite helpful to know what is the best deal of this week and to help you plan your meals for the week.

6. Food apps
Karma food
As Sweden is very aware of sustainability, there is an app that helps us rescue food from being thrown away. Karma food is an app to find discounts for food that are available in the restaurants in the whole city to minimalise food waste.

7. Bank apps
Swish, BankID
Sweden is moving towards a cashless society where almost all things are organised on various digital platforms. If you have a bank account in Sweden, you will have the possibility to access your account through an app. There is one main app that everyone has in Sweden which is BankID. This is a legitimation app where you can identify yourself before you enter important websites or bank accounts. There is also an app called Swish where you can transfer money easily from one account to another by using the verified phone number. Based on my experience, this app is very convenient especially when you do a food festival where the seller does not have a card machine, and you don’t have cash with you. You can just pay with Swish through your smartphone. Another benefit is when you have a party or a dinner where you split the bills with your friends.

There you go! Hope this blog will be useful for you during your study in Sweden. Extra tip: Use the language apps before you come to Sweden to be familiar with the language here! It is extra fun when you are able to communicate in the beautiful Swedish language.

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.