Life after graduating from Chalmers

Are you wondering what a degree from Chalmers can lead to? There are different paths to take once you have your degree and you can always count on Chalmers to provide you with help and guidance.
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We often get asked about what jobs students will get when they are done studying. A very relevant question! Why study if you cannot get the job you want when you are done, right? In this blog post we will cover the most common questions and present the different actions you can take to get your dream job when you have your degree. Let’s go! 

Finding a job

Sure, we could talk about how Chalmers University of Technology is ranked as number 81 in the world when it comes to employability (QS Rankings 2020) and brag about how the majority (90 %, according to our alumni survey from 2018) of Chalmers’ students have a relevant job within six months after graduation. Of course, that is something we are very proud of, but it is even more important to focus on what you can do to belong to that majority. At Chalmers, you will have several opportunities to meet employers on campus. We host career fairs, like CHARM, and other events just to make sure our students will get the right connections which will lead the way to internships, project collaborations and job opportunities. 

Connections are everything and will open many doors for your future. If you think about it, the opportunities are everywhere here at Chalmers. Our professors are researchers and are working actively in their field, and we collaborate with several companies around the world. Make sure you attend guest lectures (sometimes you will get free fika!), talk to your professors, attend events and connect with people in the industry on social media and you will be well on your way to getting that dream job. 

Starting your own company

If you are more of an entrepreneur – there is a place for you here too! Chalmers loves entrepreneurial thinking and new ideas. Did you know that we have an “E-Village” where researchers, students, companies and start-ups can work on ideas together?  We also have an Innovation Office where several Swedish universities work together to bring new innovations to the society. In addition, we also have Science Parks where Chalmers works together with the City of Gothenburg and different businesses on research and projects.

Need some more inspiration? How about these Chalmers alumni?

- Jesper Brodin, CEO of Ikea
- Isabella Palmgren, Mimbly (and one of the most promising young entrepreneurs in Europe,
        according to Forbes​)
- Martin Lundstedt, CEO of Volvo Group
- Ludwig Strigeus & Martin Lorentzon, co-founders & owners of Spotify

We hope you have found this blog post inspiring and that you will come to Chalmers prepared to go after your dream job! The sky is the limit!* 

*Feel free to insert other cheesy, inspirational quote.

Page manager Published: Mon 21 Feb 2022.