Page manager Published: Thu 03 Dec 2020.

Killing Two Birds With One Scholarship

During the first year in Sweden, that two birds have been laying peacefully in the slow cooking pot fill with sweet, spicy and sometimes sour flavors.

It was always my dream to pursue my master degree in Europe to attain more qualification and cater to the fulfilment of my career goals. Well, let me be honest and make it short. 
‘I wanted to kill two birds with one stone’. So...
  •  What are those two birds?
    •  would say studying and travelling.​
  • What about a stone? 
    • Hmmm, that is a good question. D​oing so, of course you need money. However, I would not say a stone is money but an opportunity is.  
Here comes the half-million-krone question,  ‘where and how to find that stone?’

I was not born in a rich family, like not at all. So I do not have that big stone in my pocket. If I would talk about studying in Europe, It would be just a dream. Thus, there is no need to talk about travelling around Europe at all. I will just lay down in bed and enjoy my daydreaming. My family has financial problem, which I know that they cannot and should not be the one who fulfills my dream. So I need to find my own stone. 

Being poor is not obstacle, it is the capital from invaluable lessons, which propel me to pursue a scholarship. I was working so hard to find and to get the scholarship. I actually have been finding myself the opportunity to study my whole life. When I was younger, I was granted a partial scholarship for a one-year high school student exchange program in U.S. but my parents could not afford the rest, so it was a ‘No Go’ for me (sigh). I found my second chance by joining work and travel program, so I could earn money and fulfill my dream of learning English in the real place (hooray). Then again, I was seeking more opportunity and was awarded a scholarship to be an exchange student for a year in Japan, which made my dream of being an exchange student came true (hooray, hooray). 

Then I found Chalmers and Sievert Larsson Scholarship, my stone, that offers the scholarship to Thai students. The aim of this scholarship is to support someone just like me - the one who aims to study on a Master’s program at Chalmers University of Technology, and the one who will not have any opportunity to study in Sweden, not without the financial support. Eventually, I was awarded two scholarships in that year, the Erasmus Mundus Plus and the Sievert Larsson for two completely different programs. And now I am here, studying Master of Science in International Project Management​ at Chalmers in Sweden. Moreover, I got a chance to travel to 21 European countries within a year of living here (not to remind you that this is the first time I have been in Europe).  

And that is part of my story. Sound cheesy but true, one of my dreams is that I would like to be an inspiration for the students who have to struggle their whole way for their opportunity for studying. To show them that whether I was born with less opportunity, persistence and determination alone are omnipotent to make the success. ​I hope the story could inspire some of you more or less. Wasting your time by talking too much about myself, the thing I want to say is that ‘if I can make it, you can make it’. There is still a lot of opportunity waiting for you out there, especially here at Chalmers. If you already made it here to this page, you are probably on your way finding that 'stone'. I did not succeed since the first year and the road I am taking now will also lead me to somewhere I do not know. 

But opportunity is like the door, 
find it, 
grab it, and 
just open it.     

I started my journey by finding my stone. I did kill two birds with that stone I was working so hard to find and get. During the first year in Sweden, that two birds have been laying peacefully in the slow cooking pot filled with sweet, spicy and sometimes sour flavours. Now I am still in a process of cooking them. Until it is done, I will enjoy every single moment of this cooking process and hope you all will enjoy yours as well. 

Page manager Published: Thu 03 Dec 2020.