​We, the Student Ambassadors and the smart students of kickass Kemi Building thought of taking you all on a virtual “still” tour of the Kemi building.
If it has life it’s BIOLOGY, if it smells it’s CHEMISTRY, if it works it’s PHYSICS.”

Kemigaten which translates as ‘Chemistry Gate’ or ‘Chemistry Building’ is the building situated in the heart of Johannesberg Campus. More than 300 students mainly from Biotechnology program and other programs come to this building everyday. Kemigaten is the hub of all the biotechnological research.
Chalmers Biotechnology Master's program acts as an interface between the medicine, biology and chemistry. The mascot for Biotechnology program is ‘Darth Vader and Yoda.’ This is because they highlight the black and green color that represents the program. 
Kemi building not only has classical themed interiors but also a spectrum of specialized labs for Biomedicine, Biomaterial, Food technology and Tissue Engineering. We, the Student Ambassadors and the smart students of kickass Kemi Building thought of taking you all on a virtual “still” tour of the Kemi building. Peek-a-boo!! so here is a panoramic view of the lobby area.

There is ample sitting space for students to do their home works, assignments, chit-chat sessions and most importantly the group projects. The stairs in the front leads to the lab areas, lecture rooms, and study areas.
The lobby area both on the ground floor or Floor 1 and Floor 2 have interesting interiors and some chic furniture (Tad bit is the Swedish way of numbering floor, ground floor is numbered “one” and first floor is numbered “two”, was quite a revelation to us as well). 
Kemigaten is home to mainly the first year Master's students and here are some of the highlights of the building: 

In Sweden, the rooster crows coffee-doodle-doo, a happy good morning to you.
So, before one enters a lecture room at 8 o’clock, it is a usual sight that students stop by “Kemi cafe’ for a hot cup of coffee (After all "You can't buy happiness but you can buy coffee​ which is pretty close"). You will see students queuing up for their morning coffee 5-10 minutes before the lectures (judging from their look, they really need the coffee). At Chalmers, we have a short break (10-15 minutes) after every 45 minutes of lecture. And guess what? It’s coffee time again. For people who do not abuse coffee, tea and hot chocolate are always an option.“Kemi cafe” also offers lunch (which includes vegetarian food, and lactose free items), snacks, fruits, chocolate, cinnamon rolls etc. A 10% discount is given when one purchases using the Chalmers student union card.

Like the Great wall of China, at Kemigaten we have the great wall of Microwaves. One can find numerous microwave ovens in the lobby area where, students can heat their lunch boxes and enjoy a warm meal.
Another fascinating thing about Chalmers and something one definitely can’t miss in the Kemi building is the sight of Master thesis copies hung on the wall. Yes! Chalmers has this unique tradition of nailing the master thesis copies on the wall. This is probably to inspire the thousands of students who study in the campus.

Gender equality to its max
At Kemigaten you will experience gender equality in action just like in rest of Chalmers. This might sound very trivial but one of the many things that struck us the most when we stepped in Kemigarten was the ‘unisex’ bathrooms (being Asians seeing unisex bathrooms is a rare sight).
Tech-savvy Laboratories.
The Chalmers logo “Avancez” translates to “advancement”  and the Kemi building stands true to it. There are numerous laboratories which contribute to the development of science and technology such as the Algal Biotechnology​ and Industrial Biotechnology labs. The state of the art facilities equip students with the technical nuances and prepare them for a successful career in research and in the industry.

Written by: Mrinalini Raina & Daphne Hingert
Photos by: Seren Sevim

Page manager Published: Mon 22 Jun 2020.