In conversation with Chalmers Sustainability ambassador, Fredrik Claesson.

​"What is the use of a house if you don't have a decent planet to put it on?" 

These words by American author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau make us think and work towards sustainability. So here is Fredrik, Chalmers sustainability ambassador who is striving to implement Chalmers vision for a sustainable future.
Here is my conversation with the other sustainability ambassador Fredrik Benny Claesson

What or who inspires you to act on sustainability?
I can’t really say that someone has inspired me, it’s a subject that I’ve just recently have gotten an interest for, mainly through courses taken here at Chalmers. It started out as an interest for logistics and transports, I like the optimization and problem solving nature of it all. Within logistics and transports there is a great focus on the environmental part of sustainability and it’s striking to me what a great impact it has on the environment despite this focus. I simply got interested and wanted to find out more.

When I say "sustainability" and "Sweden", what runs through your mind?
Spontaneously I would like to say something like “Sweden is at the international forefront within sustainability”. But truth be told, I haven’t got a clue. I think that Sweden is probably doing a good job in the area and is quite possibly one of the “best”, that’s at least what I want to believe. As early as in primary school we get to learn about renewable energy and stuff like that, we are being told by teachers and parents that you should turn of the lights when you leave the room. Small things like these tells me that Sweden at least wants to put an effort into the area of future sustainability. I also read somewhere that Sweden have long term goals of being a fossil free country and there is a lot of talk about alternative fuels and sources of energy. As I said, I’m new to the area but I intend to find out more!

What prompted you to take up the role of Chalmers sustainability ambassador? 
Pure curiosity and the inability to turn down an interesting project. I simply saw the ad at the student portal and thought; Hey! This looks interesting, let’s give it a go! And here I am. I’ve always had an interest for testing new things and I thought that this position was a good opportunity to learn more about sustainability.

How do you intend to embed sustainable thinking within Chalmers?
I want to spread the word of sustainability to students at Chalmers and show them what Chalmers does within the area. It is my understanding that the average student at Chalmers gets to know rather little about sustainability and especially about the sustainability work that Chalmers is doing. I would like to let students know more about the exciting projects that Chalmers is engaged in concerning to sustainability

What challenges do you foresee in reaching your goals of sustainability?
Figuring out an efficient and effective way of reaching a great number of students at the same time. I’m thinking of the various newsletters that the different bachelor student committees use. They are really being read, contrary to the even flow of information in for example Facebook that most people simply flips through. But I don’t know if it’ll work properly. The most challenging task is in other words to spread information in a way that guarantees that people will actually read the content.

Some facts about Fredrik

Likes: Cooking, reading, hiking and everything that has to do with problem solving.

Dislikes: Not much really.

Favourite pass time: I’m very active within the Swedish scout movement, Scouterna. 

Career ambition: I want to do something within project management. Right now I’m into logistics and transports with a connection to sustainability. But maybe that will change, it’s very vague at the moment.

Interviewed By Mrinalini Raina

Page manager Published: Fri 26 Jun 2020.