In Conversation with Chalmers Sustainability Ambassador, Akshay Nataraj.

​Sustainability is the need of the hour. It is about improving quality of living by conserving the environment and using resources efficiently. Chalmers Office of Environment provides a platform for raising this awareness. It strives to implement Chalmers' vision for a sustainable future and to reduce the negative environmental impacts of different activities at campus.
Here is a peek into my conversation with one of the sustainability ambassadors, Akshay Nataraj.

Akshay tell us something about yourself.
I am pursuing a two years masters course in wireless photonics and space engineering. I am into photography and I like to climb, travel, play football and computer games.

Audio Description: Student Blog - In Conversation with Chalmers Sustainability Ambassador, Akshay Nataraj. - Picture of the cityAudio Description: Student Blog - In Conversation with Chalmers Sustainability Ambassador, Akshay Nataraj. - Picture of the city 
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Why do you care about sustainability?
Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present generation without disturbing quality of life for the future generations. With the increasing population the rate at which we consume natural resources has risen exponentially. This has resulted in shrinking supply of raw materials. Global warming is one of effects of increased consumption of fossil fuels. This climate change affects the human living conditions and thereby also the basis of social economic development. Thus it is high time people start taking responsibility and work towards a sustainable future.
In my short stint as the Sustainability ambassador, I intend to try my best to spread this awareness amongst fellow Chalmerists and people in Gothenburg.

What or who inspires you to act on sustainability?
Elon Musk's interview on planet save has inspired me to be a part of the sustainability drive. Tesla's owner Elon Musk has taken a major step towards harnessing the power of electricity and reducing the use of fossil fuels. 

Speaking of which, do you think people nowadays understand the need for sustainability? 
People have started to realize the need for sustainability. However, they believe that it has to be done at a macro level. They have to be educated that each individual has to play his/her role as a responsible member of the society. 

"When it comes to sustainability, every member of society bears a responsibility." What is your take on this statement given by BOSCH CEO Volkmmar Denner.
Sustainable development can be achieved only if entire world community takes responsibility of the economy, environment and society. The statement made by Volkmaar Denner is relevant as only when, each individual does his bit for sustainability that the effect will slowly but surely percolate down to the various level viz community, country and the world at large and we can hope to leave behind a beautiful place for our future generations.

What is the biggest challenge you foresee as a Sustainability student ambassador?
Chalmers is an active member in the Sustainability initiative with widespread research going on in using energy efficiently. Communicating the various activities going on in the Sustainability department to the students is a herculean task. So it is necessary to filter out the high impact activities which need to be prioritized.

What have you done outside of your work/studies to live a more sustainable life?
I try to minimize the use of private vehicles by using public transportation means or cycling/walking. Switching off heater and bulbs when not in use. Use stairs instead of lift. Avoid using plastic bags by taking my own recyclable bags. I am also trying to inculcate in myself the paperless way of studying by using eBooks and software as much as possible. I preferably consume more organic and local food.

Audio Description: Student Blog - In Conversation with Chalmers Sustainability Ambassador, Akshay Nataraj.
Moving towards a sustainable future!

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