I lost my best friend on the bus!

Have you ever lost your belongings in a public transportation? This is what happened to me in Göteborg!

Before I tell you my story, let me introduce you to my best friend:  My backpack. I have it since I started college. It was my companion during my exchanging in Chalmers during my bachelor and when I traveled after the semester finished, enduring blistering winds and scorching desert! (exactly, Shrek dialogue :D). 
Well, let’s continue with the story. It was a rainy day (yes, very often) in Göteborg and I was carrying with my beautiful backpack, an extra bag and my umbrella on my way to work. It was 8:25 in the morning, so there was a lot of people on the bus. I was traveling from Gräddgatan to Korsvägen on bus 50, and after 3 minutes after leaving the bus, I realised I was not carrying my backpack anymore! What did I do? I FREAKED OUT!  On my backpack, there was my laptop, my wallet, and my Swedish book! My life as a student was falling apart… 
Ok, that is precisely what’s not happening. First advice? Don’t lose your calm! Everything can be replaced! 
What did I do next? 
I called Västtrafik! 0771-41 43 00. By telling them exactly the number of the bus (or tram) you left your belonging, the time you get off and the route direction (exactly as I have written above), they can track the bus and tell you in which part of the city is. If someone found a belonging inside, it would most likely be given to the driver. After finding the bus I was told that, unfortunately, the last driver’s shift had just finished, which means two things: The backpack was already delivered to the lost and found department , or it was taken by someone else!! 
The next thing I did was to call to the mentioned department and they told me to wait and call again at the earliest next weekday to see if my belonging were found. 

What’s the end of this story? 
I recovered my backpack! After hearing the great news, I went for it and paid a 50 SEK fee for the service. 

What I wish I knew before the incident:
It is well known that Apple products count with apps such as “Find my iPhone” and “Find my Mac” to track your devices. Windows 10 count with this option too! It allows you to locate your tablet or laptop by GPS tracking. This option is called “Find my Device”, and it must be switch on previously. Look for this option on the Settings of your computer. 
Thank you for reading this, and hopefully, you won’t be as clumsy as me 😊.
Text by Karen Baca

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.