How to be Well Prepared for Autumn in Gothenburg

Autumn is here!
For those of you who lives in Gothenburg or at least have been in Gothenburg, you must have known how Gothenburg can change from warm sunny day to cold rainy day in a flash, so I guess this saying is quite relevant "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing". Coming from a country with only 2 seasons with mostly sun all year long, living in Sweden taught me a lot about adaptation and preparation. Here is my version of quick tips for your easy autumn preparation in Gothenburg!

1. Always check weather forecast
Although it is not always 100% correct, it is good to check the forecast every morning just to know what should you wear and bring before you go out.

2. Backup plan is best
It is better to be well prepared for the day - but not too much. After checking the weather forecast, I would recommend you to bring an extra piece of clothing just for the day. I always bring my raincoat whenever it says there is a chance of rain, and on a colder day, I bring an extra sweater in my bag.

3. Yay for vitamin D
The sun rarely shows up in autumn in Gothenburg. As a new student, I didn't figure out why I felt so lazy and not so energized during my first autumn semester in Sweden. A friend of mine told me to get vitamin D for daily use. I wasn't very familiar with it because I have never needed it in Indonesia. But here, it does help your body to stay energized!

4. Nay for bad hair day
For you who has long hair (or a full bang), windy day in Gothenburg could be tricky to keep your look tidy. Always keep a hairband, a cap, or your version of a "first aid kit" for your hair to make sure you look nice and tidy for your day (especially if you have an important day!).

5. Keep yourself warm and dry
Warm socks, sweater, scarf, raincoat, and waterproof shoes. Those are the essential things for your rainy autumn days in Gothenburg. If you don't have waterproof shoes yet, or want to go out for a run with your favorite running shoes, you can also consider buying a waterproof spray which costs less than buying a new pair of shoes. In my experience, it will cost 75 - 150 SEK per bottle. As I have probably mentioned in the previous blogpost, I will recommend you to wear a raincoat instead of using an umbrella. The windy city of Gothenburg will easily blow your umbrella away.

6. Keep your skin and lip moisturized
Chapped lip and cuts on the skin are very common in the colder weather. If you are not used to this cold and dry weather, you might want to bring your lip-balm and hand cream along with you whenever you go.

7. Embrace the autumn vibe!
The season can be cold and cloudy, but there is always a reason to embrace it. This is the perfect weather to have fika with friends while staying indoors. When it is a sunny day, you should really go outside and enjoy the nature. The sunsets are often very beautiful in this season, as it shines against the yellow leaves and the rippling water.

There you go! I hope you enjoy autumn in Sweden as much as I do!
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Hej då!

Text, photo, and digital illustration by Alberta Maria Titis Rum Kuntari

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.