How my summer job led to a part time job

​Boosting my confidence, growing my network and being mentored by the best. This is how I landed a summer job at one of Sweden’s automotive companies- CEVT, and how it is paving the way to my future career.

One of the best experiences you can have during your master’s study at Chalmers University is doing a summer job or an internship. Being an international student, the concept of “summer Job” was relatively new, at least to me. During CHARM 2019 career fair, I got the chance to know about various organizations and the different fields they work in. I began to shortlist companies whose area of work matched my interests and skills. I quote the proverb “Rome was not built in a day”, neither was my resume! A completely uninteresting task! Trust me, no amount of work would make it seem complete! My friend proofread it and suggested improvements that took me about a month to get done, (sigh!). An impressive resume and cover letter go a long way! I started the application process by making personal cover letters for every company I applied to. 

At first, I received some rejections but managed to proceed to the next round of selection at CEVT. CEVT is a subsidiary company of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group that focuses on future technologies and innovation primarily related to automobiles and I was working in the software department. I really wanted to get the position because I was interested in their projects and the emphasis they put on research and development. 

I had to take a personality test and a test to assess my problem-solving skills. After I passed the assessment, I had another round of interview where I met the HR, we talked about my past experiences and the organization structure, she went on to explain the role. I waited for a week and I received an email saying I was going to start my internship in a month’s time. This made me feel elated and I was very excited to start my first job in Sweden!

I was introduced to my extremely diverse team; they were from nine different countries! Alphabetically, Brazil, China, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, me from India, Siberia, Sweden, and Vietnam. The knowledge that I have gained from my eight mentors is vast! I got eight different answers for one question, one cleverer than the other. Not to mention the different food they would bring to the lunch table and at fika! But what I gained more was confidence, learning how to communicate and network. Sweden has a flat hierarchy, if I had any questions regarding ANYTHING, I could go to anyone and they would give me a solution or direct me in the right path. 

After my summer job period, I was offered a part-time position at CEVT. This gave me complete flexibility of time as I was still a student at Chalmers. I was able to balance my courses at Chalmers and work as well. I synchronized my office and school calendar and I used to update the absence calendar at CEVT every week according to my schedule at Chalmers so that my teammates will know about my absence well beforehand. I never missed a single lecture or a lab session.

I had the opportunity to explore every area of my interest and make presentations of my projects. The work culture in Sweden, based on my experience is very nourishing, polishing our strengths and strengthening our weaknesses. This internship honed my skills and made me better personally and professionally! Now I am training myself and adding additional skills so that I can be fully employed here in the future.

Author: Priyanka​
Banner picture by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Page manager Published: Mon 24 Feb 2020.