How much I spend as a Chalmers student

​Are you on your way to Chalmers soon and don’t know how to do your budget? Here is what to expect!

The rent is taking the most part of the expenditure during a month, and it varies depending on the size, the neighbourhood, type of housing, etc. One of the cheapest and safest options is to have a contract with SGS or Chalmers studentbostäder, two housing companies related to Chalmers, which provide a decent and quite cheap apartment. With them, you can apply for an apartment varying from 3000 – 5000 sek/month. If you do not have the possibility to have a contract with those two agencies, you can also look through Airbnb to find a room or within Facebook groups like “Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets/ Bostad Göteborg Gothenburg Goteborg” or “Accommodation For Students In Gothenburg!” in Gothenburg but be careful of the scams!

Groceries and food
A good way to reduce the expenses on groceries is to buy food at local markets that offer lower prices for the same quality compared to a big grocery shop. One quite close to Chalmers is situated at Kapellplatsen where they offer fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. Otherwise, Willy’s and Lidl are great options with a variety of products that are cheaper than Coop and ICA for example. These expenses should be around 1000 sek per month. However, if you prefer buying fresh lunches, you can do so in the different cafes at the campus areas. At the main building at Campus Johanneberg, you can buy a takeaway lunch for 50 sek. 

The bus and the tram tickets are the same price, and you can get a single ticket for 35sek or a 90-day period ticket for 1645 sek by using your student ID. Electric scooters are all over the city and easy to use, you only need to download the app of the company’s scooter and off you go! The price varies depending on the company and you can also buy a pass if you plan on using them regularly. Same thing goes for a bicycle, Next Bike offers different stations throughout the city where you can easily rent them through the app for a single use or an annual membership fee of 225 sek. 

Dining out
If you are a foodie like me, you will want to try the numerous restaurants Gothenburg has to offer. I have to say, it can easily get expensive, but you can find good places for around 200-250 sek for a full meal! You can find Thaï, Palestinien, Italian, Czech and much more diverse food in the city. It’s a pure delight! And tip of the day, look out for discounts with your Mecenat card (student card), you can get a discount on everything from clothes, housing furniture, to books.

As for “fun expenses”, I put this into the nights out in town with the girls, including the little weekend trips we do across the country and the new clothes I enjoy buying occasionally. This category of expenses can vary a lot depending on the month, but I try to keep it maximum 1000 sek/month. A good advice when it comes to clothes and furniture, is to go to second hand shops. There are a lot of them in Gothenburg, in the neighbourhood Haga like Myrorna where you can find clothes, shoes, dishes, frames, cutlery, etc. One of their biggest stores is located at Järntorget in Gothenburg.

Monthly expenses
Regular expenses are easier to budget for. I am talking about stuff like a mobile service, gym, etc. For mobile services, companies often offer discounts for the first three months if you decide to sign up for a plan with them. For example, Hallon, Fello, Telenor and Telia offer competitive prices that can go around 100sek/month. However, if you get a welcoming bag from CIRC, lucky you, you will already receive a SIM card from Lycamobile that you can recharge whenever you want. For the gym, I recommend Fysiken which is held by Gothenburg’s student union, and they offer a wide range of training and services such as climbing, paddle, power circuit, personal training, physiotherapy, etc. 

My personal expenses: 
Accommodation: 3 500 – 5 000 sek/month
Groceries and food: 1 000 - 1 500  sek/month
Transportation: 225sek/month or 550sek/month (1 645sek for 3 months)
Dining out: 400 – 600 sek/month
Leisure: 400 – 2000 sek/month
Other monthly expenses: 500 – 800 sek/month
TOTAL: 6 025 – 10 450 sek/month


Author: Naïna 

Page manager Published: Thu 30 Jun 2022.