How is it to study in a Top University?

​I was not surprised when I read in the news this week that Chalmers is among the top universities in the world, ranked as number 132 (climbing up 43 positions since 2014) by QS Top Universities Ranking. Why?
​Not saying that my education in Brazil was bad, but when I arrived at Chalmers I was highly impressed by the quality of education, by the facilities, teachers, students… everything! And I still am impressed every time I have a great lecture or activity inside the campus. For a technical university in a not-so-big-country as Sweden, it is a great achievement and I am proud of being a - even small - piece of this cake. And for myself, it is also a big achievement to have reached my path to here. I use to say to other students or friends who ask me how come I ended up here: I can, you can, anyone can! Just do it! I could not know if I was going to be accepted until I applied. We always have to try.

I believe that one factor that distinguish top international universities from others is a high level of talented teachers, researchers and students from all over the world. Most world-class universities recruit students without concern for national borders. This enables them to focus on attracting the most talented people, no matter where they come from, and open themselves to new ideas and approaches. 

Harvard, for instance, has a student population that is 19% international; Stanford, 21%; Columbia, 23%. At the University of Cambridge, 18% of the students are from outside the European Union. Chalmers today has about 11,000 students and approximately 30% of these students drawn from countries around the world, Chalmers is reputed for training almost half of Sweden’s graduate engineers and architects.

We are also among the top 100 universities on some of QS subject specific ranking lists such as: Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. Chalmers’ strongest branch was recognition from industry, which is based on an employer survey. In this category, Chalmers was ranked 86 in the world.


Page manager Published: Thu 10 Nov 2016.