How expensive is it to live in Gothenburg?

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If finance is one of your concerns, this blog might be useful for you as I will share my experience related to living expenses during my studies at Chalmers.

If you try to find information online about life expenses in Sweden, you might come across to somehow surprising numbers as it is considered as one of the most expensive country to live in. Some of the blogs and article I have read before I came here mentioned that I will need at least 8500 SEK per month to live in Sweden.

I would like to say that living expenses in Sweden are varied and it depends on the city where you live and the rent cost for your apartment or house. I have lived almost one and a half year in Gothenburg and fortunately I found a place to live which is not as expensive as the others. With that being said, rent cost is still taking the top spot of my highest monthly expense. Second on the list is transportation fee. Since I do not have a bike, I have to go by public transportation every day. Next on the list is groceries and food. As an example of monthly expenses in Gothenburg, you can check out the image below. 

Other than rent cost, living expenses depend so much on your lifestyle. For example if you buy a subscription for premium apps like music and movies or if you sign up to a full access membership for a gym, you will have to spend some extra money. In some occasions, we also need to have some extra money for other purposes. Some of the most common extra expenses is to attend special dinners, buy presents for a special friend, and go for a study trip for instance.

That's all for today's blog! Hope it will be useful for you to get an overview about living cost in Gothenburg. If you are planning to apply to Chalmers this application period, be sure to check the scholarship page on our website and see if you are eligible to apply for one of them! Good luck and hope to see you at Chalmers!

Text and image by Alberta Maria Titis Rum Kuntari

Page manager Published: Tue 04 May 2021.