How I network at Chalmers

​A question about prospective job opportunities is in the mind of every student. I was no different, when I started my studies at Chalmers. Slowly, I realized that the university gives us many opportunities to network with the industry. 

CHARM is Chalmers' biggest job fair
In my home country India, there is a trend of on-campus placements where companies come to colleges and universities, and although that is not that common here in Sweden, Chalmers encourages industry-student interaction through various ways to help you find your dream job.
Job Fairs at Chalmers 
Every year, Chalmers invites various companies to the campus for exhibiting in fair. Chalmers arbetsmarknadsdagar (CHARM) is the biggest fair conducted every year. The fair catalogue that is released a few days before is my precious treasure with contact information of all the companies that are going to attend. 
My first experience with career fairs was when I participated as a corporate host for a company during DatE-IT fair . My work was to coordinate and help company representatives during the fair which helped me to make good connections with them. I also took the opportunity to talk to other companies about prospective summer jobs, internships, my master thesis, and other job opportunities.
During the CHARM fair, I had a speed interview with a global company. I was a bit nervous initially, but later I realised that it was different from a technical interview. During this interview, I talked to an HR-manager for about 15 minutes. We discussed my areas of interest and how they align with the companies. In the end, we exchanged contact information and maybe we will get in touch in the future.
Lunch lectures at Chalmers
Although initially, I went only for free lunch, I realized that these lectures are very informative from the industry perspective. In one of the lunch lectures I attended, a Chalmers alumni had shared his experience of how ‘Student Graduate Programs’ offered by a company on campus had led him to his dream job. It was interesting to hear his personal experience about how fun such programs can be. It motivated me to apply for one.
I learned that at Chalmers Writing Centre students can get help writing a cv and cover letter to apply for jobs and internships. 
I also got a fair idea of Swedish work culture after attending seminars and workshops from Chalmers Career Service . It surprised me how the Swedish Government puts in a great effort to provide the employees unemployability insurances, health insurances, and language training.
From all of these experiences, I learned that the best way to get a job in Sweden is to have a good social network and now I feel more confident to expand it. 

Page manager Published: Mon 11 Feb 2019.