How I got the IPOET scholarship

When I decided to apply to Chalmers, I knew I needed some extra financial support. This is my experience applying for the scholarship I was awarded.

This is me with some of my new friends from Chalmers before the Corona outbreak happened.

I started getting an idea of the available scholarships while chatting with international friends during my exchange programme at Chalmers. It was interesting because most of them had been awarded a scholarship or had some sort of support. Some of them were awarded a scholarship administered by Chalmers, others had support from a different institution, and in some cases both or even more. At that time, I was happy to know that, but I didn’t imagine that I would be applying for one that soon. If you are interested in reading more about my experience applying to Chalmers, you can find it in one of my previous blogs.​

As I mentioned in that blog, I learned a lot of lessons after failing on my first attempt applying. For my second try, I started preparing before the applications were even open. Not just for Chalmers, but I was exploring and comparing programmes in different universities and countries. As you can imagine, I ended up with a big list of interesting programmes and universities, so I started ranking them. My budget was my main concern, so I started creating different scenarios. I was already saving as much as possible from my previous salary in Mexico, working as a packaging engineer. Based on that I fixed an expected budget also considering selling most of my stuff like my bed, car, TV, speakers, etc.  If the tuition fee of a university exceeded it, then my next search was the available scholarship for me. Side note: All universities exceeded my budget. 

I went through a scholarship opportunities research, checking the requirements, benefits, limitations, and deadlines of each of them and took notes. That helped me understand what I could expect and the way I would plan. This also helped me support my decision because Chalmers was still at the top of my ranking after all things considered. Based on that, I created personal deadlines for each document I was required to submit, those deadlines were a week before the actual deadline in case something went wrong. Thankfully, I managed to collect everything on time and without any stress. 

This strategy helped me choosing to apply for the IPOET scholarship because I met all the requirements, and it offered me a 75% reduction in tuition fee that I needed. It also helped me writing my motivation letter, inspiring me in the way I wrote my background, current situation, aspirations and expectations. After reading information from many programmes of my interest and imagining different scenarios while considering the available opportunities, I could write a more personalized motivation letter. I started writing it while I had all the details fresh in my mind and that also helped me to have it ready way before my deadline. 

I might have already spoiled the surprise, but I was awarded the IPOET scholarship. If you read my previous blog, you already know that I jumped out of my bed the morning I received the news. I knew all my effort was paid off and that meant that I could be able to study my master’s at Chalmers. I hope you can find some inspiration for your planning by reading about my experience. I wish you the best of luck!

Author: Juan​

Page manager Published: Mon 30 Nov 2020.