Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.

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Have you ever heard about the RE-EXAM before?

When happen when you fail an exam at Chalmers?
When you fail the exam, usually you have to redo the whole course from the beginning again right? But this is not going to happen at Chalmers. I will introduce you the word “RE-EXAM”. Being a student at Chalmers, you can re-exam as many times as you want without paying more money and you do not have to register to study the whole course again. Many of you might have questions popping up in your mind right now like What? and How? Or like I did…Yeah!!! It might sound strange for the foreigner like me and you but yes it really happens here at Chalmers. 

Let’s me explain about the RE-EXAM to you. Here at Chalmers when you fail the exam for any courses that you have taken, you have chances to redo your exam as many times as you want until you pass it. Some people who already passed his or her exam but do not satisfy with the exam result, they can also redo the exam until they feel happy with the result. The system only record the highest grade that you got from your exam. For example, you got a 3 as a result for your first exam on one of the course and you do not satisfy with the grade that you got. Then you register for a re-exam and you got 4 as a result for your second time, the system only keep the highest grade that is 4 for this course.

From my experiences study at Chalmers, I can say that it is tough. So, failing an exam is very common here at Chalmers. Some of my friend once said “You are not a real Chalmerist until you fail at least one course and pass the re-exam process”. 

Even it is tough to study here but keep in mind that you still have something call “RE-EXAM” :)

Written by : Penpisut Poowanaviroch (Penny)

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.