Hanging upside down in my summer job

​Have you heard of Anti-gravity yoga? That’s one of the various awesome experiences, I had during my summer job at Scania, which is a well-known Swedish heavy vehicles company.

It happened during one of those free lunch lectures which I was attending that I heard of Scania Student Intro (SSI) program. The unique structure of this program had intrigued me as it spans over 1 year comprising of 4-weekend visits to the company, a summer job and master’s thesis. Overall a complete package deal which is everything a student could ask for. I thought it would be a good opportunity for an international student like me to get to know about work culture in a Swedish company. And, if that company is Scania - a world leader for heavy-duty vehicles in the automotive industry, then why not? 

I felt a bit anxious as I am from an electronics background and had no experience in the automotive field. My anxiousness wore off when I was told during the interview that though it’s an automotive company, Scania deals a lot with electronics. Fast forward to this June on my first day of work, my manager who is also my mentor throughout this program personally came down to the reception to take me to my workplace. I was given a brief office tour and was introduced to my colleagues and technical advisor, who will assign me the tasks. Everyone was very friendly and I felt warm welcomed into the team. 

The task given to me was to do LabVIEW programming to remotely control various electronic equipment for automatic testing of pressure sensors used in trucks. The positive part was – task sounded interesting and the negative was – I didn’t know LabVIEW. I felt kind of lost over how to do it, where to start and so on. That’s when my technical advisor came to my rescue. He provided me with LabVIEW course material to self-learn the tool and gave me various tips. It gave me immense satisfaction to finish this task by learning a tool from scratch. I also got to attend team meetings and expand my social network by meeting employees from other departments. During these interactions, I realised that Scania uses LabVIEW extensively for testing truck electronic units and it can prove to be really helpful for my future career. 

Apart from work, I also like the way Scania motivates its employees toward fitness by conducting various activities in the Scania health centre which is freely accessible for all employees. I attended various group exercise training sessions and was exhilarated with fitness regimes like anti-gravity yoga and pilates. We are a group of 30 students in this program and had 2-weekend company visits so far which were packed with lots of informative lectures about Scania, sushi lunches and fun activities like beach volleyball and team-building games. 

My experience with this Scania program is like a fun-filled ride. I, not only made a lot of new friends but also expanded my social network within the company. I just finished my summer job and am looking forward to future opportunities with the knowledge I gained from Scania so far.

Author: Shilpa Gupta

Page manager Published: Wed 24 Jun 2020.