Gothenburg Diaries

​​"Time flies but not memories"
It has been a year in Gothenburg. Time indeed flies last year when I stepped in Gothenburg; there was a lot of enthusiasm and anxiety. Here I am today, revisiting the beautiful memoirs as I write this post.

Initially it took time to adjust to the Swedish way of life: learning the street names, understanding the boards written in Swedish, shopping by looking at the pictures on the cartons and boxes, doing the calculations and conversions in Swedish krona and trying to remember the new Swedish words I came across every day, all this took little effort. I picked yogurt twice thinking it was milk but, wisdom comes from doing mistakes and at the end some help from the courteous Swedes always helped. Today when I look back, it all seems so easy (Folkuniversitetet classes by Chalmers did help).

For the initial part of summers, I was home but, Sweden was always there with me. Pretty often at the dining table, I told my family about this beautiful city, about the rich Scandinavian architecture, about the lush green trees, about Chalmers and my friends here. The happiness this city gave me in past one year was pretty evident to them. Now that I am back from home all geared up, there is a lot to do. I am looking forward to my new study period, then there is the Nobel Week Dialogue (This is something big, and I am one of the Student representatives from Chalmers) and I have to apply for an extension of my visa permit (which is the most important thing to do).

To sum it up it has been enjoyable living independently in a new country, new surroundings, and midst of new cultures along with new people. I do miss family and friends but Gothenburg has become a home away from home. Let me add, I still hate carrying those big grocery bags all by myself, sigh! 

Written by Mrinalini Raina

Page manager Published: Thu 10 Nov 2016.