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From the land of Pharaohs to the sustainable Sweden: My journey from Hawawshi to Meatballs

In the previous post, From the land of Pharaohs to the sustainable Sweden: First thoughts abd first impression , I have shared the stereotypes about Sweden in Egypt and my firrst impression about this new country. Before coming here, I was in my room thinking about everything that a newcomer could think of. Things like...
  • how to use transportation, 
  • how to pay my room rent, 
  • how to open a bank account, 
  • from where should I buy cooking stuff, COOKING?! NO WAY, I used to eat but not to cook :D , or 
  • where can I eat or actually what to eat?!
Flashbacks come now, I can see all dishes that I love in front of me, actually the Egyptian cuisine is so delicious and diverse, but what are the di erences between the two countries in terms of food?

***Note: you most probably will be hungry after reading this, so be prepared to have your meal after reading this :D***

From very first moments, I realized that to have a meal in Sweden, it is not as same as having it in Egypt. In Egypt, wherever you are, you will find a small cheap restaurant or a cafeteria that sells food with a reasonable price. In Sweden you can fi nd restaurants not as many as in Egypt, but also they are not very cheap. So it was very important for me to figure out how to have a meal with good taste and reasonable price. Through the following lines, I will mention some differences from my perspective about how it is different to eat in Egypt and Sweden.

Egyptians Meals

Starting with the breakfast, sometimes Egyptians have cheese, eggs and bread for breakfast, but the very most traditional breakfast is "Foual and Ta'mia" which means bean and falafel. One is not regarded a true Egyptian if s/he has not eaten this meal before. Egyptians prefer tea after meals. In Egypt, there are many spices that are used to give a tasty favour to the food. For the main course, traditional dishes are various. There is "Hawawshi" which is a meat minced inside a "baladi" bread and put in the oven. Also, there is a very cheap common dish called "Koshari" which mainly contains rice, lintels and tomato sauce. Extras can be added like "Hummus". For lunch, it is different from one to another, for me I used to have it after school around 4 pm. Ohhh, did I mention the "Molokhia"... ahhhh, my bad, I deeply miss it, it is so delicious, I can smell it right now!! 

Swedes Meals

If we started from the first meal, of course it depends on the person. Generally speaking, as far as I know they start their day with a kind of fruit, cheese, bread or crisp bread and butter. There is something about Swedes that worth saying here, which is coffee! Coffee is as important as water for them I wou,ld say. Lunch time is at almost 12 pm. In addition to the well known Swedish meatballs, there is also other common food. Potato plays an important role in many meals, it may be mashed and served with herring or cod. For example, there is another common dish here called Pyttipanna, it contains potatoes and may be ham or meat. Vegetables, rice, sausage, ham and pasta are involved in many dishes here. If you asked me about my favourite dish, I would de finitely say fried herring with mashed potatoes served with lingonberries. Yum Yum. 

For the dinner, I think it is similar in both countries. It includes yogurt, cheese, milk, soup and jam or jordgubbar in Swedish. The most special thing is that there will always be different foods for different occasions, which I will tell you in the next post. Stay tuned for that cause I need to go and have something to eat, I think you as well need to eat, but please remember that I told you at the beginning that we are gonna feel hungry :D, 

So, until we meet again to tell you about seasonal food, have a great day and sooooo tasty meals ;)

Written by: Mahmoud Hanafy
Edited by: Angsusorn Apirajkamol ​

Page manager Published: Sun 13 Aug 2017.