From the land of Pharaohs to the sustainable Sweden: In a nutshell

Through the previous posts of the Egypt- Sweden blog, we have flown together to many destinations, discussed different points from my perspective about how it is different to live in both countries in terms of many aspects, we started with:

  • Thoughts and stereotypes that we have in Egypt about Sweden, and my first impression of Sweden.
  • After a long flight, we made a quick stop to talk about food differences and the common dishes in both countries.
  • All countries have special occasions whether these occasions are religious, political or originate from old traditions; each occasion has its special dishes and we discussed some of them. 
  • Going from one place to another requires transportation and just like a lot of things between Egypt and Sweden, there are differences in modes of transport.
  • Education system has many differences in both countries which was covered in a separate post.
  • The weather is crazy; well crazy but beautiful anyway, and that is why there was a post describing how the weather is in both countries.

In the first article of this blog, I have mentioned that this journey is quite long; we are travelling between two countries from two different continents.

During this journey I have discovered that there are too many places around the world but actually the journey is not only about places, it is more about people. People are the ones who add a delicious flavour to each and every place. Literally, I have learned something from everyone I have met here. I have known their culture, how they think and what they find funny, and these are powerful advantages of studying in a multi-cultural environment like Chalmers.

Here our journey comes to the end. I am sure there will be many new things this year that I will experience and will change or add to my thoughts. So until we meet again, I hope you have a brilliant year whether you are studying or working. If you are a new comer to Chalmers, enjoy every single moment at this amazing place, make new friends and learn as much as you can from teachers and colleagues. I hope to meet you one day, and if you are here for a second year, haven't we talked before? Anytime?? Come on let's have a fika and share our experiences.

Thank you for taking some time off to read my articles and thank you for joining me from the land of Pharaohs to the sustainable Sweden. Now ladies and gentlemen, happy landing! You can unfasten your seat belts :)​

Written by: Mahmoud Hanafy

Edited by: Keerthana Jayaprakash​

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Sep 2017.