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From the land of Pharaohs to the sustainable Sweden: Dr Anderson or Anderson- Education Differences

The previous article in our journey was about the transportation and how it is different to go from a place to another in both countries. We have now arrived safely to this destination where the education system in Egypt and Sweden will be discussed. But hey, school is about to start. Are you excited? If you are going to study at Chalmers you should be as studying here is not only about studying courses but there are many things to learn during your studies. In the following article, some differences will be shown!

Education in Egypt

Titles! Titles are very important in the university in Egypt, students use Dr X while calling professors or writing them e-mails and if you are studying engineering you call the TA, Engineer X. The academic year is generally divided into two semesters, each semester has about five or six courses. Some universities and specific programs follow the credit hours system in which the students choose the number of credits per semester. There are projects and assignments but final exams have the highest weight while evaluating students. The day usually starts at 9 am and ends at 4 pm, which is on papers, but actually, for the majority of time it did not start at 9 am nor finish at 4 pm!

Education in Sweden

If s/he is a professor for more than ten years you can still call them by their first name. I was a bit worried about this at the beginning but I got used to it later. The academic year is divided into two semesters as well but the difference is that one semester is divided into two quarters at Chalmers. I found it a nice idea to focus on two courses and study them in detail instead of taking many courses without going deeply into them. The final exam is important sometimes but doing assignments and projects has the heaviest weight in evaluation. For some courses, you do not have to take exams if you’ve got the pass mark by doing your projects. There is a break after 45 minutes during study sessions to refresh. Education system here in Sweden values working in teams and applying theories practically and teachers accept new ideas and suggestions. One of the most important things is the evaluation of all components of the course including projects, the teachers themselves, etc, which usually plays an important role in enhancing the quality of courses for upcoming students.

In both countries, there is a variety of activities for different domains such as automotive, soft skills, robotics, renewable energies and so on. In Sweden, there are also communities for teaching dances, others for people interested in skating.

Now it is August, it is easy to know that Egypt is hot during this time of the year. In Sweden the weather is not a thing that you can expect, so next stop will be about the weather differences in both countries!​

Written by :Mahmoud M. Hanafy

Edited by: Keerthana Jayaprakash​

Page manager Published: Sat 19 Aug 2017.