From the land of Pharaohs to the sustainable Sweden: Crazy weather

Whatever the season is, I do keep my umbrella and a hoody inside my backpack, just in case. 

Hello again, hope you enjoy your days and having fun. The previous article was about education differences. Now let's take some rest, lay down and ​think about beautiful memories, friends, or let's focus on what is between our hands at this moment. It is perfectly sunny today in G​othenburg. So lets have a small talk about the weather. I will tell you more about differences, hopefully this sunny day does not change in an hour.

How is weather in Sweden? I don’t know...

I will not say absolute answer, because actually there is not!, I will tell you some facts and you yourself can predict how the weather is. Whatever the season is, I do keep my umbrella and a hoody inside my backpack, just in case. You and I both know what happen when it rains; clouds that obscured sunrays and the rain itself. Here in Sweden, you can obviously and clearly see the sun and simultaneously feel raindrops over your head. One day I was speaking with my mother and she asked about the weather, I laughed out loud and told her that I really do not know. Most probably she thought that I am drunk.

It is normal here to start the day as sunny as it should be, and end up with a rainy day. But believe me that you are gonna enjoy it. There is a kind of curiosity that you don't know what will happen next moment, so you will always have fun trying to cope up with the Swedish weather. Honestly, the summer here is perfect, not hot and not cold. You can feel the happiness all around!

Is it always hot in Egypt?

While I am writing this article, the temperature in Egypt is 35o. The weather in Egypt is regarded a mild one. In summer, the highest temperature may reach 38o in the capital and lower on coastal cities like Alexandria. During this time, fresh juices become available everywhere to refresh people. In winter, the lowest temperature may reach 8o. The weather is somehow predicted; you rarely find big changes in one day. If it is sunny, it most probably will be sunny until late hour. If it is cold, it will be cold the whole day and so on.

For me, coming from different part of the world, it is really interesting to experience all these differences, seasons of the year are actually inspiring, Autumn is the renewing phase, Winter is the adapting, Spring is the hope, and Summer is the FUN!! 

Written by: Mahmoud Moustafa Hanafy Mahmoud 

Edited by: Angsusorn Apirajkamol

Page manager Published: Wed 30 Aug 2017.