From China to Chalmers!

In this blog, I’m going to tell you the story of our friend Yixin Hu, current Chalmerist from Anhui, China and awarded with the Volvo Car Scholarship! 

Yixin is a Chalmerist from Anhui, China and is a graduate from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. She’s currently studying her first year in Communication Engineering Master Programme. 
The first time she heard about Chalmers was from a senior student, who shared a lot of his experiences. She was already aware of the reputation Chalmers has as one of the top Universities in Technology in the world, so as soon as she made up her mind about pursuing her master studies in Europe, Chalmers became her first choice. 
During her bachelor studies, she majored in Optical Electronic Science, which it was very hardware-oriented. She wanted to choose a major related to the same field, but also with a bit more programming. Communication engineering gave her the opportunity to learn from both worlds 😊. 

The next step on the list was to look for a scholarship. The most popular ones are the Volvo Car Scholarship and Volvo Group Scholarship since it not only covers 100% of the tuition fee but also give the opportunity to get a summer internship at this company. All the information for applying to the scholarship was on Chalmers website and in general, she felt that the process to apply was simple, since it doesn't need any extra steps compared to a regular Chalmers application 
During her application process, Hu made a mistake while sending her course syllabus, which made her fail the requirements for another programme she also applied for. She advises you to be careful in this part and state clearly all the relevant courses specified as requirements in order to have better chances on your application. 
Even though this complication, Hu received the Volvo Car Scholarship and decided to move from China to Sweden! Proudly, she invites all of you do not hesitate and apply to not only Chalmers but also the scholarship! You might also be the lucky one. 
From her experience, she believes that her internship experience and higher grades was an important factor to obtain the scholarship and on the second level, it was the university ranking. She also thinks that talking about your future, both career and life is meaningful to make your motivational letter more attractive. 
Today she’s enjoying her master studies in the beautiful city of Gothenburg. Even though the weather radically changes on the same day, it is still comfortable most of the time. Yixin describes the city as a big park with lots of wonderful places to hang out. She also loves how clean and quiet the city is and the kindness and helpfulness of the people. 

I hope you like her story! 

Page manager Published: Thu 03 Dec 2020.