Page manager Published: Fri 02 Dec 2016.

For the reader in you

​When I was young I always wanted to have a small library in my room filled with inspirational books (P.S I hate ebooks). However, when I moved to Sweden I couldn’t bring all my books here since it was not a logical thing to do and my airlines only allowed 28kgs. But after I came here I talked with many people and friends about ways in which I can still keep up with my reading habit. The first thing I did is to open an account at the Gothenburg city library for free. They have four floors full of books, from all genres you could possibly think of. However, what surprised me the most was I found books written in Gujarati, Kurdish etc.  along with all the most commonly spoken languages. So I started to borrow books from the library. Another fact about the Swedes which surprised me the most still love to read hard bound books perched on a leather chair with a cup of coffee in hand, which is quite a contrast to what you would expect in such a technologically advanced country.

In my short stint at Chalmers I have made some good friends whom I exchange books with. We also started a challenge to read four books every two months and have had some wonderful time discussing about the books afterwards in our fika breaks or on a Friday afterwork.

You can also find plenty of books stores in Gothenburg to name a few akademiska bokhandeln, pocket shop. They usually have some good offers like buy four books and pay for three. With some luck and a few coupons, I managed to buy quite a few number of books to start my own small library. Apart from these stores you can also find second hand book stores and students selling their books at Chalmers for a cheap price.

So if you are one of those guys who would like to keep up their good reading habits, don’t worry Gothenburg has plenty in store for you.

Page manager Published: Fri 02 Dec 2016.