Flat mate Love

​I’m in my last semester at Chalmers and I live in  Medicinaregaten sharing the common facilities with other 10 crazy international students. If you ask me two years ago if I want to live in a shared kitchen apartment, my answer would have definitely been a big, fat, humongous NO. But now, after living here for 1.5 year, this is what I​ feel about living in a shared corridor.
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Before I decided to register for an accommodation at Medicinaregaten, there were some questions that came through my mind.

Do you want to have a roomie?
I know that I can be nice to people but I think there’s a reason why my close friends especially the ones in Sweden, call me the “Dangerous Daphne.” So, I figured having a roommate would not work out for me. Because I love my privacy, I’m an early bird, and I’m weird. I like to wake up at 5 am in the morning to study and I’m just a little bit OCD, and there are other things that are odd about me (I actually don’t know why my boyfriend is still with me). So, my answer from day 1 was a NO. I would not like a roommate/roomie at all, period. But of course, if you have a roomie, it’s cheaper and you have company. But again, it can turn out to be a lifelong friendship or worst enemies. So, you won’t know if you don’t try. But I really didn’t feel like trying. Audio Description: Student Blog - Flat mate Love - Picture of Students

Or just some crazy flat mates?
To be honest, I couldn’t get my own apartment with my own kitchen so, my only choice was Medicinaregatan as it has a private bathroom (you have no idea, how important that is to me). So, I moved to Medicinaregatan, I love the apartment and the kitchen even though I share the kitchen with some other people. Audio Description: Student Blog - Flat mate Love - Picture of Students

Some might think, there’s no privacy but who needs privacy while cooking? In fact, you could even make more friends. So, while i was in the kitchen I met this one girl, from Gothenburg University, we chat about the different recipes, and then comes the Italian guy from another room. He bakes amazing cookies. Then, the Dutch girl who does pole dancing for sports, etc. And after a few weeks we became really close. We would meet in the kitchen, cook, eat, watch TV together. We do everything from gossiping about people in our programs to trying on the clothes at some store and not buy them. Of Course, with the sauna and terrace, we would schedule our sauna, BBQ, and even study sessions together. This has brought us really close and we would even throw surprise birthday parties, carry the sick one to the emergency room etc. 

The point I want to make is that, when you are alone in a country far far away, with no relatives and family members, you really can’t be alone. Of course you have friends but if they live far away from you, you are still left alone. But when you have the crazy flat mates like I do, you will feel like you are coming home to some crazy pseudo family members everyday. 
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Right now I’m almost graduating and I know the next chapter of my life awaits but one thing for sure, these crazy flat mates will be so much missed.  It’s the feeling that I never thought I’d experience during my study in Sweden. Two more months left till my dissertation, and I’m already missing my crazy folks at Medicinaregaten. So, to all the new students, good luck with flat hunting. May the force be with you all.

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Written by: Daphne Hingert

Page manager Published: Fri 26 Jun 2020.