Five types of flatmates you will meet

​Are you wondering what the people are like in a typical student housing in Gothenburg? Let me share five types of flatmates which I met during my stay in a student dorm.

1. The ghost
You know that you have a flatmate, but you haven’t ever seen him/her. Even though they moved in a few months back, they still have empty shelves in the kitchen and their part of the fridge is taken by ice and cold air. After a few months, you are not sure if you know what they look like. However, you are very thankful for such a flatmate as he/she never gives you any problems and you get peace and quiet for your studies. 
2. The cook
Usually, it is an Indian flatmate, who is trying to recreate a feeling of home in his dorm. Every day you will meet him on the phone with his mom, who tells him about the secrets of her homemade cuisine. When you come back from classes you usually feel a smell of food in the corridor which makes you instantly hungry. If you are lucky enough to live a few months with him, he will master his biryani to such a level that you can’t imagine your life without it anymore.
3. The enthusiast
Do you know the kind of people who are always positive? Yes, this is one of those people. This flatmate will be always willing to talk to you, spend time with you and share stories from the day. Although it is amazing to have such a friendly flatmate, your time together passes fast and you always spend time chatting with them in the kitchen instead of studying.
4. The surprised guy/girl
Many students who move into a dorm house are meeting a new culture for the first time. This makes them curious and surprised about EVERYTHING. Do you combine pineapple with chicken in one dish? Wahoo, that’s amazing, how do you do this? You can drink water from the tap? Wow, that’s great! There is a common laundry room? How nice! It is funny to see how this person is discovering a brand new world, but thanks to him you will start to reflect on many small, nice things that you usually take for granted.
5. The clean freak
Sharing a kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces is a new experience for the clean freak. They try to keep the flat clean to the level as it was in their own house. They take responsibility for making a cleaning schedule, having all the cleaning utensils and reminding others about cleaning. But don’t be afraid, as long as you respect the house rules they are useful for keeping your flat tidy and they help you to remember stuff that you sometimes forget while being busy with other things.

And you know what, I am one of these flatmates! Curious as to which one? Send me your guess! 

Page manager Published: Mon 10 Feb 2020.