5 things I have learned at Chalmers

​Apart from studies, I have learnt so much about the way of life at Chalmers. Here are my absolute top five.

​​I can’t believe that one year has passed since I came to Chalmers. I was being that nervous & anxious girl worried about coping up with new country & school last year. I was hoping for some sweet memories, but then my year has been full of roller-coaster experiences. Here is a glimpse of a few of them.

1. Be on time, always
The first thing that I noticed within the first week of classes was that everyone is so punctual here. If a lecture is scheduled at 8 am, it will start at 8 sharp. In past one year, I have never seen a professor late for a lecture. This has inspired me to respect time too.
2. Only work from 8 to 5 on weekdays
I learnt from my Swedish classmates to work dedicatedly on weekdays and absolutely no work on weekends. I have felt that this helps a lot in balancing personal and professional life. All my weekends are now only for my ‘me time’ where I re-energize myself for the next week. Read here to know more about how I refresh myself.

3. No postponing too close to the deadline
I always say that we get so much practical knowledge by labs & assignments at Chalmers. However, sometimes it also becomes challenging with managing all of them. I have learnt not to wait until the deadline for any work and now finish it as soon as possible. This has helped me a lot in managing my studies. In fact, I never do last day preparations for exams. Read more about taking exams at Chalmers and how re-exams give you a second chance. 

4. Expand my social wings

Networking is an important part of student life in Sweden and Chalmers provides so many options to do that. Looking back to this year, I have explored many extra-curricular activities from being a student ambassador to student committee activities. I even hosted companies in job fairs, worked as a teaching assistant for labs. Moreover, I love joining after-works and social activities. All this has enabled me to meet new people, connect with them and explore new career opportunities.

5. Believe in myself
More than anything, my first year at Chalmers has helped me to re-build my lost confidence. I felt accepted for who I am, and it has stimulated new confidence in me. I am no longer that same worried girl I was last year. My programme​ has played an important role to build my self-confidence and make the person that I am today. 

I have so many memories of this one year at Chalmers and would happily exchange anything to relive them again. But life must go on and I feel ready for it with an open heart. 

Author: Shilpa ​

Page manager Published: Tue 07 Jan 2020.