Page manager Published: Sun 21 May 2017.

Cherry Blossom at Botaniska

Five Popular Things Students in Gothenburg Do During Spring Time

Spring is here! - or in Swedish - Våren är här!

Finally the gloomy weather in Gothenburg has come to an end. The sun shines brighter and longer, people spend more time outdoors, trees start to grow their leaves, and flowers start to bloom! What abou the students in Gothenburg? What do they do during spring time?

1. Go to Gothenburg's Archipelago
Gothenburg has several islands in the west part. Students usually go there to hangout, barbeque, and enjoy the nature. Thanks to Gothenburg's reliable transportation system, these islands are reachable by public ferries. If you have not been to any of the islands, you really should do an island hopping trip where you can visit several islands with different kinds of amazing panoramas. The island's names are Vrångö, Brannö, Styrsö, Asperö, Donsö, Vargö, Köpstadsö. Did you notice that all of them end with an "ö"? That is because ö in Swedish means island!

2. Barbeque parties
Who doesn't love barbeque parties, right? Starting in the spring time until summer time, barbeque parties have always been students' favorite activity. The place doesn't matter, as long as there are food, beverages and friends, students always have fun in these parties. Students really loves spending the weekend after a long week of studying with barbeques. The parties will be even more fun with the fresh breeze and the warm sun. Usually students throw a barbeque party in the park or in some open spaces in their apartments. Portable grills are affordable in any supermarkets in Gothenburg. Even better, since spring is coming, more vegetables are available for us to enjoy at the barbeque party.

3. Visit Gothenburg's beautiful lakes, hills, and mountains
Thanks to the great nature, Gothenburg has beautiful lakes, hills, and mountains to visit. While gym is popular in the autumn and winter, we can see more people working out in the lakes, hills, and mountains during spring. They do some outdoor sports such as running, hiking, kayaking, and swimming. Some people also come to visit these magnificent nature to enjoy the view, the clean air, and the refreshing ambience of the nature.

4. Hangout and study outside
Well of course this list is not all about parties and travels, right? In spring, student will have their busy study period same as in the autumn semester. There is one big difference though! In this warm and breezy time of the year, students are fond of spending their study time outside. Usually they have discussions outdoors. It is also more fun to read when the sun is shining and the air is warm outside.

5. Enjoy the sun and the beautiful flowers in Gothenburg's parks
Even though Gothenburg is famous with its windy and gloomy weather, in spring Gothenburg is colorful with all of the flowers blooming all around the city and in the parks. Gothenburg has several parks you must visit especially in the spring and summer, such as Trädgårdsföreningen, Vasaparken, and Botaniska Trädgården. You can also find beautiful flowers in Gustav Adolf Torg, Heden, Gothenburg Archipelago, and even in Chalmers Campus! These parks and open spaces become more popular to visit during spring and summer. Some festivals and outdoor parties happen there.

So, what is your favorite thing to do in the spring time in your country?

Text by Alberta Maria Titis Rum Kuntari
Photo was taken in Botaniska Trädgården by Alberta Maria Titis Rum Kuntari.

Page manager Published: Sun 21 May 2017.